112+ Catchy Bike Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

You now own that new bike you’ve always yearned for. And you want to post those absolutely cool pics and selfies of your bike and you.

We have concocted a list of super captions to go with your pics on social media. These will make you popular and may even get you more followers and a lot of likes.

Bike Captions for Instagram

Riding the wind. #rider

This new buy brings out the real me. #bipedal

Not an hour is wasted on my bike. #bike

Born to be wild. #newbike

The feel of a new bike is so exciting. #biker

Feel like a speed king with this bike. #lovespeed

A machine you can rely on as you would a friend. #adrenaline

My new bike and me – clicking away to glory. #lovebikes

It makes you oblivious of the world. #newmachine

A new inductee in my army of two-wheelers. #twowheeler

Me. My new bike. A new adventure. #rider

My new bike satisfies my desire for cruising.

Recharging the youth in me with my new bike. #newbike

High on the high roads. #bike

A new life with a new bike. #bipedal

A bad boy with his brand new bad-boy bike.

You guys are making me feel like a celebrity after I posted those pics of me & my new bike.

Neither my bike nor I asked for this kind of attention. #lovespeed

The excitement shows in these pics.

 A new beast for the beast-tamer. #rider

The bike for a biker at heart. #bike

A bike that has feels both royal and thrilling. #newbike

The passion made me buy this bike. #biker

For me, it’s a necessity. #newbike

A bike, a guitar, a few cans of beer. #bike

No journey is too tough if you have a reliable partner. #bipedal

Rev it up to clear all doubts and fear. #rider

A mean machine for that passionate ride. #biker

The roads may be tough, but the destinations are always beautiful.

Me and my bike – and an open road to ride. #lovespeed

Wild things – both my new bike and I. #adrenaline

It feels like I and my machine are flying. #newbike

This bike has made me mature more.

Every minute on this bike is so great.

It’s so much better on this new bike. #newbike

Majestic looks, a real beast on road. #bike

A bike that turns into your best friend. #rider

Can’t get enough photos of my new beast. #bipedal

So attractive you can’t get your eyes off the new bike.

A new intake in my garage full of beats on two wheels.

A new journey begins with my new bike. #biker

A bike to achieve new speeds. #lovespeed

Riding my new bike to rediscover myself. #bipedal

Speed demon on the highways. #newbike

A bike for a new kind of feel. #bike

The new bike’s changed nothing in me – only reinforced my personality.

Didn’t think that a new bike would get me so much attention. #rider

What a personality makeover. #newbike

Rev with care. The power’s just too much. #bike

A bike for me the passionate rider. #biker

The bike that makes me move again. #bipedal

A long ride on a weekend. #bike

A new bike for the new couple. #bipedal

For those romantic evening rides together.

The passion is all that counts. #rider

Overcome the fear with the thrill. #newbike

My first big buy as an adult. #biker

I finally found a cure to stress. #bipedal

The strength of this machine is an inspiration.

No stopping now. #rider

How you ride is all that matters.

No limits to your success now. #newbike

Funny Bike Captions

The wild side in me shows here. #bike

Speed is what my life has become. #lovespeed

This new machine’s changed me.

The new bike is a real bargain. #bipedal

You won’t be wasting time when riding this bike.

A bike so magnificent you’ll be left mesmerized.

Let your emotions flow while riding this bike. #bike

My camera just can’t stop clicking pics of my new bike.

The attraction to the new bike keeps growing. #lovespeed 

A new member of my family. #rider

A new beginning with my new bike. #newbike

This new bike is for new destinations. #bipedal

This new bike brings out a new me. #bike

The kick one gets from riding this bike is simply satisfying.

A bike that changes your attitude.

The bike’s new, but the passion’s the same as before. #newbike

Seems like I am getting noticed now. #rider

It’s so strong it shows even in the pics. #lovespeed

The bike’s new, not my skills though. #adrenaline

A true biker’s soul will appreciate this new bike. #bike

We both need to deepen the bond. #loveforbikes

Bought myself a gift to cherish.

2 things to hold onto – dreams and handlebars.

My head said yes when my heart wanted this bike. And my pocket provided it.

This machine on two wheels thrills the soul. 

The stylish look made me buy it. #newbike

Start the engine and face that impossible road now.

You got to ride the road. No one else can ride it for you. #bike

Too much to live for. #lovespeed

Race against time bro. #adrenaline

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