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Nestle – History, Brand Value and Brand Strategies

The biggest into the retail ventures stand this Swiss tycoon Nestle. Nestle products include baby foods and products which summons to be the world’s best of the dairy products. Nestle ranks to be in the number 64th spot in the global dairy companies and is summoned to be active globally all throughout its operations.

Nestle is one of the biggest of the grossing companies and 29 of its brands has an annual revenue of around 1 billion. Nespresso, Nescafe and KitKat are one among the largest of the selling brands in dairy products globally.


Nestle Brand history 

Nestle has its origin in the year of 1866 as two varied Swiss enterprise companies. I te following year brothers Charles page and George Page found a Swiss milk company in Charm.

In 1867 Henri Nestle brought in their first baby food and dairy products company, Nestle.in 1904 Nestle also started marketing its first chocolate productions. In the next year of 1905 both the companies merged and it was not during 1947 the brand name “Nestle appeared


Nestle Brand value 

Nestle has been the most grossing of the Swiss companies crossing billions over a year. It has been acclaimed as the most enriching and the most prosperous of the companies with its financial chart always on an optimistic growth.

Yet due to a major rise in its competitors the annual revenue of the MNC has a bit decline starting from the year of 2013. The revenue collected in 2013 has been 92.158 billion and in the next year, it was 91.618 billion.

The revenue reported in the year of 217 was 89.791 billion. The recorded number of employees of the MNC was 333,000 billion with a net income of around 10.015 billion in 2013. The 2017 stats display a decline of 1000 in the number of employees and a decline of 3% in the net income rate.

Nestle Brand strategy

Recognizing customers 

As the administrators of nestle are the tycoon into the business since twice more than a decade it is sure that Nestle quite genuinely knows how to brand strategies itself but recognizing the right customers.

The reason behind the fact is that Nestle often targets children and teenagers as the dairy products it sells are mostly milk crafted chocolates or Choco drinks. These are things which mostly attracts teenagers and Nestle provides assured gift items to grab the attention of the teens.


Product quality 

Nestle is also recognized globally for its outstanding maintaining of product quality. The reason behind the fact is that amidst everything the makers of nestle products tries and keeps up with the best quality of the products possible.

This is true as each of Nestlé’s products are handcrafted with the best of the dairy available items and thus summons to be quite engrossing towards a vivid range of customers.


Advertising in social media

This is another of the most glorious steps that nestle has ensured to be a part of the daily activities of every teenager and keep their brand alive among them. The reason behind the fact is that Nestle advertises a lot in social media platforms and thus remains in a constant eye of every person seeking for the best of their dairy products.


Product description

This is another of the method that Nestle has taken up to induce better marketing strategies. The reason behind d the fact is that nestle has taken up such ensured steps of advertising with the best descriptions of their products and the fact which acclaims it is that health consciousness customers would also be at safe hands. This is the sole reason as to why Nestle has managed with the best brand strategies globally.


Keeping an eye upon competitors

This is another of the fact that Nestle has been quite good at playing. The reason behind this is that the administrators of Nestle are continuous in keeping an eye upon their competitors and thus is always in a position of dominating them.

The fact which ranges behind this is that the global competition has thoroughly increased to an uncertain level and thus Nestle keeps a piercing look upon all its competitors and thus always is assured with a point of developing its business.


Host an event 

This is also one of the most potent ways of availing marketing strategies and thus Nestle finds their job well into doing this. The reason behind the fact is that the makers of Nestle are quite well aware of globally acclaiming their business agenda and thus they try more and keep up with the slot of their business in every of the event organized.

This is one of the smoothest ways of promotion and thus the administrators of Nestle sponsors events and organizes them to rightly build up their brand awareness.


Sharing customer reviews 

This is another of the most optimized way as to how Nestle manages in creating the best of the brand strategies for supreme growth into their business.

The administrators of Nestle upheaves with sharing of the best customers reviews of all its products so as to get more attention and thus create sound marketing strategy and growth of sales into this perfectly competitive market. This is sure to take in the whole attention of a varied range of customers for its brand as well as would help Nestle in sustaining a long life.


Social media contest and social media activities 

This is another of the soundest strategies that Nestle uses to make up the strongest of its brand strategies for a global upheave of marketing. The reason behind the fact is that Nestle organizes certain of the social media contents as well as actively posts in social media to remain in the sight of the onlookers.

This is the sole reason as to why the brand as being able to convince an enormous business and thus upheave both its profits and growth. In organizing the social media contents Nestle keeps sure that products are being distributed amidst many and thus a global brand awareness is created.



The last but the major of the most optimal ways as to acclaiming the varied brand strategies of nestle is that of using moral advertisements which ensures a moral meaning for the society as well as ensure better advertisements for its products.

This is one of the best and the most ensured of the marketing strategies that Nestle uses and thus summons to be the best of brand strategies for creating global brand awareness.   


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