177+ Catchy Music Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Love is in the air! The air smells of Christmas, and it is the right time to deck up your social media. Here are a few “Music” captions that you cannot skip over. Let the world stop, and music speak. We will be waiting for the new look of your handles.

Music Captions for Instagram

Music in itself is the entire life, the one who inspires to live. #life

Music is the album of my life, never too old. #old

Life is one cent, sweet song, so let the party begin. #begin

Music is a love language in search of impending love letters. #impending

Music is the ultimate love language. #ultimate

The only honest thing in the world is music. #honest

Music is the beer that fills up the cup of life. #cup

Music is the true language of the spirit. #true

Music opens the secret of life and brings in peace. #peace

Music abolishes strife, and it brings in new life to the old and dead. #dead

Music is the only language that does not have any sarcastic or mean thing to say. #only

Music is the beam of moonlight in a night darker than asphalt. #darker

If music is a place, I will rent it for the rest of my life. #rent

Classical music is the road to the true spirit of oneself. #oneself

I want to explore the folk music that brings in the wilderness. #explore

Jazz is the city, and I want to spend the rest of my life, without any doubt. #doubt

Love is no enmity but a friendship that expects a new beginning. #new

Music is not only a love language but a universal language of mankind. #mankind

Music is the language of heat and literature of my mind. #literature

Music is an art for artists who are attached to tears and memory. #memory

Music is nothing but a vibration tuned with time and love. #tuned

Music is your own experience of life, your own thoughts, and wisdom. #wisdom

If you don’t live music, it will not come out of your horn, #horn

One of the best things about music is, when it hits you, you feel absolutely no pain. #hit

Music produces a natural stimulus that human nature cannot deal with. #deal

When words and explanations fail, music speaks louder than anyone else. #louder

Music has the capability of every emotion possible in a human being. #evoke

Music, even without words, can inspire our highest aspirations. #highest

Music has no effect of good or bad on the deaf, and it just hits them. #effect

Music is a natural cleanser that cleanses understandings and makes them better. #cleanses

Music lifts the reality to the realm, which would not reach to oneself, otherwise. #lifts

Without music, life would be a huge blank for me, a crossword of black and white. #blank

Music is an incredible force, a great uniter, that unites one soul with the other. #unites

Music helps to differentiate between two people who have everything in common. #common

Philosophy of life is the highest form of music. #highest

Nature, books, and music is my idea of love towards one life. #love

A secluded life in the country makes your possibility of understanding music better. #better

Music is what speaks of our human race and makes us realize its worth. #worth

Music cleanses away the dirt and gloom of everyday life. #cleanses

Music with lunch is an insult to both the cook and the pianist. #insult

Music can very conveniently name the unnameable and speak with the nameable. #convenience

Music is the strongest yet purest form of the spell used in magic. #spell

Music paints color into the atmosphere made up of beautiful moments. #beautiful

The only honest and true emotion one can experience is music. #truth

Some people have bitterness and gloom; some have music and love. #have

Music acts like a magic spell that opens the most tightly fastened heart. #opens

Music that once hit the spell becomes some sort of a habit that never dies. #habit

Music is when soft whispers die, and the tune vibrates in the memory. #vibrates

When I hear music, I fear no one. #fear

When I am with music, I am invulnerable, and I don’t care about my foes. #with

Funny Music Captions

In the case of music, I am connected with the earliest times as well as the latest. #connected

The music hits the softest strings of our hearts, which mere words cannot. #hits

Without music, life would be full of sorrow and guilt and, to a great extent, unbearable. #without

Music is the divine way of expressing beautiful things to the heart. #divine

Music is a transition between a passage of words and a bleak silence. #transition

There is only refuge to my bleeding soul, and that is music. #music

Some people give up, even when there is not much music left in them. #giveup

I like beautiful melodies painted as music to tell me terrible things. #terrible

The one who is able to sing can fight away all his ills. #fight

When we listen to music, we do not ponder on our past but our expanded present. #ponder

Melody is the soul of music, who thinks to know most, knows the least. #soul

Even if you cannot sing, sing songs to yourself, as music heals. #heal

Some day in the near future, you won’t have music in your heart, so sing anyway. #future

Music has the power to chatter in our minds and lift us to another place. #power

I don’t sing because I am sad; I sing because I have music within my soul. #within

A person’s inclination towards music speaks a lot for them. #speaks

Music can bring in laughter and fear at one time, isn’t it magical? #magical

Music is beyond all words, and it expresses feelings and thoughts without any hesitation. #hesitation

Music is the only language that does not follow a specific rule book. #specific

Music is a strange art, the most heart-touching and precise art of all. #precise

Music can sometimes be as vague as a dream and as real as an algebraic equation. #vague

Music is healing to the melancholy, bad to those who sigh unnecessarily. #unnecessarily

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