151+ Mosquito Repellent Slogans and Taglines

There are many health risks associated with mosquitoes. These mosquito and related diseases awareness slogans are just a few examples of how people are trying to elevate awareness and fight against this up-growing threat. Here are some catchy and privy slogans below:

Mosquito Repellent Slogans

Less mosquitoes. More play.

Embrace the future of mosquito defence.

No more mosquito bites.

Bites free everywhere.

No biting.

The mosquito fighter for play.

Naturally Protects Kids and Keeps Mosquitoes away.

Mosquito repellent has never been this dapper.

There’s no time for mosquitoes.

Get Away mosquito.

Micro combatant.

Shoo mosquitoes shoo.

Don’t brace yourself anymore, mosquitoes are not coming.

Easy outdoor living with us.

Mosquitoes will be banned.

Mosquito spell equals to mosquito magic.

Fit and fix mosquito matter.

Secure to keep playing.

A mosquito bewitching bracelet.

An ultimate mosquito repellent.

One whiff and mosquitoes vanish.

Go away, mosquitoes and take your friends too.

Become invisible. They can’t bite what they can’t see.

You are not mosquito’s lunch.

No new bites cause the mosquitoes can’t fight.

Stylize your safety with us.

Mosquito repellent never looked cooler before.

Tonight no bite.

Itch free game.

No itch, sleep all right.

Free to play with no mosquitoes in the way.

Bands On, Mosquitoes Off.

Stay safe with us.

Become invisible to mosquitoes.

Wearable Mosquito Repellent.

Time to take back the outdoors right now.

The safe and natural way to keep mosquitoes away.

Put the Magic Back in summer.

Shield against mosquitoes

Bye Bye mosquitoes.

If something is bugging you we can help.

Kid’s first armour against mosquito bites.

Magic mosquito repellent.

The Safe & Wearable mosquito repellent featuring powerful protection.

A naturally magical way to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Be mosquito and bite free guaranteed.

Mosquitoes know where not to visit.

All natural. Minus the mosquitoes.

Secret weapon for mosquitoes.

Shoo mosquitoes.

Have a safe mosquito away day.

Spray to keep mosquitoes away.

Safe, natural, everlasting.

Don’t just brace yourself for mosquito season, bracelet yourself, instead.

Hey mosquitoes! Buzz off.

Mosquitoes away while you play.

A walk to finish malaria.

Achieving betterment.

Care is guaranteed every night.

Survive the war counter to malaria.

Beware of mosquito bites.

Fight against malaria.

Bug out malaria.

Come together to raise awareness on malaria.

Take control of your world.

Malaria has been considered.

Defeat malaria.

Don’t be a dummy, stay away from malaria.

Do not give a chance to mosquitoes to bite.

Don’t give them a chance – mosquitoes purport malaria.

Do not assume. First test.

Stop malaria for good.

Malaria will end at some point.

Mosquito Repellent Taglines

Fight today, live happily tomorrow.

Fights malaria and saves lives.

Funding for Malaria.

Get out of it.

Global malaria walk, walk with your loved ones.

Time to say goodbye to Malaria.

Got malaria? Use us.

Say no to a bite that kills.

We wish to annihilate malaria.

If they breed, you will bleed for sure.

Envisage about no malaria. Our conviction in action.

Invest in the future. Get rid of malaria.

Invest in future. Prevail over malaria.

Don’t take its bite.

You need it right now.

Connect with us to fight against malaria.

Mosquitoes will surely hate it.

Stop mosquitoes from bugging you.

Do not stay calm with Malaria.

Stay calm and say a big no to malaria.

Stay calm. It is not contagious.

Keep it clean to clean malaria.

Make the world malaria free.

Keeps mosquitoes away from you.

Kills mosquitoes and germs.

Kill the mosquitoes and protect your family.

We can control the threat of malaria.

We should not even have a single malaria case.

Let’s defeat malaria.

Let’s close the matter.

Live free of tension.

Make malaria clear out.

Malaria – No Chance.

Malaria discontinues with me.

Kill mosquitoes effectively.

Take it seriously.

Malaria won’t knock you ever.

Malaria protection commences from you.

Do not let rule the mosquitoes anymore.

Save lives with mosquito nets.

Mosquito sucks.

Let the National Malaria Control Program begin from your home.

Naturally better than any other substitute.

Net profit.

No malaria.

No ticks. No mosquitoes. Just the best.

A walk for a malaria-free world.

It will protect you from malaria tonight & every night.

Put the mosquitoes in their exact place.

Raid against the mosquito squad.

Reject your chance of mosquito bites

Say no to malaria & tell everyone.

Say no to mosquitoes & malaria.

Small bite. Great threat.

Sprinkle to kill.

Expand the word, expand the net.

Stand up for malaria-free world.

Step out to prevent malaria.

Stop malaria with us.

Stop malaria. Take action now.

Stop mosquitoes. Stop malaria.

Stop the deadly diseases from malaria.

Sustain gains by save lives: Invest in mosquito nets.

Keep malaria down.

Measures are being taken to prevent malaria.

Ultimate mosquito trap.

Unwanted visitor.

Together we can prevent malaria.

Let start walking against malaria.

We will keep you away.

Where there are no mosquitoes there is no malaria.

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