178+ Catchy Moonstruck Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

In love, we all have most probably lost our senses for a while; well, love has its effect. Although if you want to express it but are unable to find words, then here are some captions that can be of some help. These captions will help you express yourself better in your posts. 

Moonstruck Captions for Instagram

My mind is stuck on you; I am only thinking of you. #moonstruck

Are you from the moon? You glow like one? #moon

Let us leave the Earth and settle in the moon so that the world never stops us. #settle

If you are the moon, then I am the Sun; I will come down to let you shine. #shine

Your moonlight is all I need to stay alive. #moonlight

This moon guides me through all my difficulties.

Stop making circles, and I will stop standing; let’s explore this galaxy together. #explore

A good moon makes a good night. #goodnight

Amid the darkness of my agony, you are the moon, the only source of light that fills me with hope.

Earth might feel jealous; I have too many moons today.

My new moon signifies my new beginning. #beginning

I was lifeless in the darkness of space until I found my Earth to shine.

Your smile is like the moon; it just lights up the scenery. #smile

I hope that my moon still revolves around me.

Even the Moon can take a day of rest, but you never stop loving me!

There is something spellbinding about the moon, isn’t it?

Can words really do justice to the beauty of the moon? #beautiful

Well, I do not need to bring the moon all the way down to the land; it is in front of my eyes.

When you are with me, I am like a full moon, shining at its full potential. #potential

Whenever I look at the moon, I see your face.

I know that my moon will fly high. #high

I need to see my moon to break the fast of not smiling completely. #fast

The beauty of the Moon can take over your mind.

Today the moon is bright, and the night is starry; it is my way of saying a perfect night.

I lost my moon once; now, I will not make the same mistake.

I am not like others; one moon is enough for me, but where is that moon?

How can my night be good if my moon is not shinning? #goodnight

Whenever I see you, I see the moon on the land.

A part of me now resides in the moon. #reside

I am certain that no matter how dark the night gets, I have my moon to guide me.

I look best under the moonlight, and without it, it is all dark.

Hey my moon, I just hope you are alright.

Probably coming in my dreams wasn’t enough, so now I have daydreams too! #daydreams

I cannot bring the Moon down, but I will definitely try to fly you to the Moon. #fly

Well, after looking at you I can say that Moon has got some competition. #competition

Cannot say about tomorrow, but today you are mine. #mine

Moon is really mystical, and so are you.

If the rest of the population are stars, then you are the Moon. #stars

If the moon could have smiled, it would not have been as bright as yours.

So I can touch the Moon when I touch you! #monnstruck

You never leave any room for second thoughts.

Just like the moon, you take up all of the spotlights, and the rest of the people are just tiny stars.

Listen, I love you, and it will not change even if the Moon falls.

What is eternal? My feelings for you. #eternal

If I had wings, I would have gone for the Moon instead of the Sun.

Your love has made me moonstruck!

I was too self-absorbed; now, I do not have time for that. #self-absorbed

I think you are capable of personifying the Moon.

I do not need the moon to shine, but I need you.

We will meet when the Moon meets the Sun; until then, wait.

Funny Moonstruck Captions

Valentine is coming; now I am moonstruck for the next seven days. #valentine

Our connection is like the Moon and night; at the end of the day, we are together. #together

Sun is settling down, and my love is rising up. #rising

No matter how much the Earth changes, the moon always revolves around it. #revolves

The moon is looking lovely today, and so are you. #lovely

Absorbing your light makes me feel blissful. #bliss

Out of 7.9 billion stars, you are the one around which I will happily revolve. #billion

When you are there, then the nights are no darker.

For me, it was the hard way to get over being moonstruck.

Being moonstruck is just one of the first stages; there is a lot more to see.

Only God can help you when you are moonstruck.

I do not know why I keep thinking about you, but it feels good.

Wherever I go, I see you, and I think you are the one who stole my heart, aren’t you?

I just lose my senses when you are around. Probably my body releases too much oxytocin.

I act stupid as I am afraid of acting stupid around you.

What is your name? Yes, that is the name of the moon I love.

From the time I have been in love, I have been unable to act normally.

Hey, I am thinking too much about you. Would you mind showing up?

It is good to love but just know where to draw the line.

Let the stars are jealous and the love of our moonshine amid them.

Are you moonstruck?

Whenever you enter, I cannot help but be moonstruck.

Sorry, I just probably think too much about you.

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