100+ Catchy Moon Cake Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Today’s digital world has made it possible for social media to popularize our posts. Captions truly amp up the exposure that these posts get. So here’s a list of captions on mooncake for you to use freely with your posts and get far better exposure than your posts deserve. Good luck with your posts.

Moon Cake Captions for Instagram

The filling isn’t as creamy as the outside. #creamy

There are primarily 12 types of moon cakes, but now there are so many more variations.

These cakes are so rich in taste and flavor. #rich

Appreciating the moon together. And all of us have a moon cake in hand.

The Vietnamese variant of the moon cake is sweeter than the rest.

Always use some molds to make your moon cakes. # mold

This one’s recipe is secret to this family alone. It has been passed down through the generations.

Moon cakes can be eaten as desserts or even as snacks as well. #desserts

This is a one-of-a-kind moon cake. You won’t get this anywhere else.

An ice cream moon cake will simply melt in your mouth, and it will melt your heart too.

All of the cakes here are handmade only. #handmade

Although moon cakes are a specialty in mid-autumn, you can have them all year round now.

These moon cakes are expensive because of the time it takes to make them. #expensive

Moon cake and hopia are almost alike and are served as a mid-autumn treat.

Macadamia nuts are a great choice for the filling and topping for a special moon cake.

A romantic variant of the moon cake is the chocolate moon cake. #romantic

You may fill your moon cakes with orange peel to give them a little different taste.

Moon cakes and tea make the best combo, especially on the full moon night of mid-autumn.

These Chinese commercial moon cakes have a shelf life of up to 10 months I think. #chinese

Cooling them at the right time will ensure that your moon cakes don’t crack.

Even our neighbors come to celebrate the mid-autumn festival with us. #neighbor

Every moon cake has its own story to tell. #ownstory

The cake’s an excuse for friends and family to visit us.

Add litchi and pineapple to make these moon cakes healthier. #helthier

This East Asian cake is just the confection we needed in this neighborhood. #neighborhood

Cannot think anything but moon cakes now.

So delicious and so pleasant. #delicious

Moon cakes are celebrations by themselves.

One of the best festival cakes I have ever had. #festivalcake

The snow skin moon cakes are best served chilled.

It is a cake that my mother makes in the middle of autumn every year.

This cake takes the cake. It’s just too good. #toogood

This is one cake I would love to share with you all.

Better try it before you pass any comment. #tryit

What a fabulous cake you have made. And it is a mid-autumn special, is it?

Have a slice and you would have tasted heaven. #heaven

This moon cake is so very impressive. It will make you crave for more.

The fillings can change the moon cake from a confection to a savory. And vice versa.

It is you, and your cake, that makes me so successful. #successful

Moon cakes mostly have lotus seed paste as the filling in them. 

Thank you so much, babe. Your cake made my day. #cake

No need for any frosting. The cake itself is too good.

I only had to introduce it to the table. There was nothing left after 5 minutes.

You need a lot of patience to make moon cakes. #patience

This cake will always get 5 stars hands down anytime, anywhere. #handsdown

Every moon cake is different from the other, purely because of the filling.

People have gone raving mad for this cake that you made for me.

These have been baked just right, and have the best fillings.

This isn’t just another boring cake. It is different. #different

Funny Moon Cake Captions

It is an amazing cake that everyone will love. #cake

 A mid-Autumn festival without moon cakes is definitely a flop story. #story

This cake is the best I have ever had. Whatever the shape, it is still a moon cake.

Wishing that these moon cakes make all your dreams come true, sweeter and better than ever.

You need to eat it to believe how wonderful it is actually. #wonderful

Moon cakes galore. That’s how we celebrate the mid-autumn festival of the moon. #mooncake

The flavor this cake has is simply out of this world. #flavor

The festival seems happier because of the variety of moon cakes we are offered.

This moon cake is simply awesome. It will take your breath away with its taste.

There is a moon cake here for every taste. #taste

This is simply a work of art. In looks, in flavor, and taste. Where’s the artist?

Red bean paste moon cakes are rich and sweet, but very smooth.

The most authentic moon cakes you will ever find are from this kitchen.

Wishing you a beautiful life, just like these moon cakes. #beautiful

This is where I come to get my moon cakes. You should try them. #try

These moon cakes will get to your heart through your stomach. #mooncake

You will like these cakes for sure. They are simply different from the traditional ones.

I just cannot have enough moon cakes. They have such a tantalizing taste. #tantalizing

Ever since she learned to make moon cakes, we have been offering them to everyone.

What a splendid way to celebrate this mid-autumn festival. So many moon cakes.

What a stupendously beautiful creation you have concocted. #stupendous

Have a fantastic life. I pray all good things for you. #fantastic

It is so beautiful. So tasty. And it is real pleasure trying this cake of the Far East.

The five kernel and roast pork moon cakes are so traditionally Chinese.

This mid-autumn bake will just blow your mind for sure. #midautumn

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