88+ Catchy Monster Captions For All Social Media

Monsters are feared by most people. These are creatures that are not normally seen or known by the human race. Think of yetis, sasquatch, and the rest. Here are some captions that will suit the mood of your monster-like posts for Halloween!

Monster Captions For Instagram

I am a monster inside out when it comes to candies. 

You just cannot satiate my greed for candies. #candies

I was not made by anything. I just happened out of my imagination. 

I guess that’s the reason my costume is so popular with the crowd here.

The shadow said that it was a monster. 

Then the green light fell, and we all saw the monster. 

Then it exploded, throwing treats all around while there was a voice blasting the air with ‘Happy Halloween.’

If killing makes us monsters, should God also not be questioned? He has the maximum number of them to his credit.

We are supposed to be monsters, and you have the wrong notion about us. 

We love sharing our candies with you all. Even when it is not Halloween. #halloween

For the first time, I realized what fear and amusement felt like together – at the Halloween party.

I became more famous by playing the monster than when I have remained human.

How can they all want me when I am a monster? I guess I play the part quite well.

That thing, that beast, that monster. It came from there. 

And then it screamed and howled. And there were candies falling from everywhere.

I will rather be the monster that does good than let the monster in me come alive to do evil. #monster

Beneath, you will find monsters and creatures most appalling. 

Just take some candy that they offer, and enjoy the thrill of it all.

Remember that monsters are only those that can eat you and your soul from the inside out.

The irony is hardly ever absent from however horrifying monstrosity we encounter. So carry some candy that you can offer such a being.

That monster was kissing his hands to me like a hellish fiend. 

And then there was this shower of candies and sweets, and everyone screaming Happy Halloween.

We are monsters isolated by the world. 

The good part is that you and I will come closer and be more attached to each other. #attached

Monsters are created and stopped within your mind.

Live frugally, and be frugal.

 You will evoke vices that will make you a truly feared monster.

Envy is a monster with green eyes that blinds you from seeing the truth.

When in adversity, men are born. When in prosperity, monsters are born.

Funny Monster Captions

I was always scared of the monsters my mind told me about. 

It was on Halloween that I realized how unreasonably imaginative I had been. 

Wickedness is what turns you into a monster, what makes you consume more! #wicked

I am a monster of neatness and order.

I am that monster that eternally wills evil and eternally works well!

Only two types of monsters exist – Those who hunt the streets, others haunt your brain.

Always remember that a monster scares you only to cover up how much he truly is scared of you.

There are monsters. Sure. But there are good men too. 

Every vice is a monster. 

A monster suffers more than it scares. 

A monster is in constant pain and wretchedness, abandoned.

We celebrate monsters on Halloween and try to make them feel happy.

Can you even fathom the energy that a monster puts in just to scare you? Happy Halloween.

Monsters will make you leave a part of your happiness with them. That is what they thrive upon.

Be awake, be very awake. You don’t want those monsters to reach your dreams too. #dreams

Life is but a swarm of innocent monsters. So keep your eyes open at all times.

When reason is overridden by fantasy and imagination, then monsters appear and thrive most. 

When you feel you are a monster incapable of love, some innocent beauty will come and change your notion about yourself.

Sleep without dreams is like the darkest corners without the feeling of some monster lurking there.

Ego is a beast, and prejudice a monster – best of friends and can interchange roles seamlessly.

Why fear monsters when you haven’t seen any. You humans? Fear them most. #fear

We all carry around our own monsters wherever we go.

Just because I am powerful doesn’t necessarily mean that I am fearless. 

I still am scared on Halloween.

More often than not, monsters keep winning. Then comes a hero to eradicate them all!

Ignorance is what monsters are created out of. Is that why there are monsters at a Halloween party?

Someone said it correctly – that monsters are born in this world to human parents. #monsters

Never fear any monster that you can see. Fear the invisible ones within thee.

Monsters are real. Sometimes they win because they are inside us. Otherwise, they always lose.

Monsters are monsters because they are actually scared.

Fight every monster, but in the process, may you not become, except perhaps only on Halloween.

Every monster should have a special spooky saying. #spooky

You can find the best monsters at our Halloween party.

The season of Halloween, baby!

Say Hi to the cutest monster!

I could be the happiest monster the world has seen. 

Monster in the house! #moster

Who wants to say Hi to a friendly monster?

Are you creeped out yet?

Who says monsters are all that bad?

Monsterity is something that we all have!

Say Hello to my monstrous side!

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