181+ Catchy Mistletoe Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

The homes are already smelling of fresh fruit cake and brandy. Why will your social media handles miss out on all fun? Listed below are a few “Mistletoe” captions that will make your Christmas memorable. Do not forget to tag us, and we will be waiting for you! 

Mistletoe Captions for Instagram

What occurs under the Mistletoe, prefers to remain under the Mistletoe. #prefer

Brandy and Mistletoe are all I want for this Christmas. #want

All year round, I wait for midnight wishes and mistletoe kisses. #kisses

You can hug me whenever you want, and no mistletoe is needed for you. #needed

Keep calm and enjoy Christmas; kiss me under the Mistletoe. #calm

Seek for me by the Mistletoe, and I will be waiting. #waiting

I wish your skin was made up of Mistletoe; at least I had an excuse to kiss you. #excuse

It’s the most mesmerizing time of the year, and it may involve kisses by the Mistletoe. #mesmerizing

The kid’s jingle bell and everyone is in good cheer, and it’s mistletoe time of the year. #time

Here’s too spicy soups, mistletoe kisses, and smelly socks; I can’t wait. #can’t

I better suffer the results than Mistletoe. #suffer

Santa on his way, Mistletoe, and brandy. #santa

Oh my lord, by golly, It’s finally time for some mistletoe and molly. #lord

Let’s meet by the Mistletoe once we are done rock and rolling in Christmas. #done

Just like we used to know, Mistletoe kisses are special and free. #free

At Christmas, only one kiss is needed to recognize the Mistletoe. #recognize

Let’s kiss cause it is our own season, just as the Mistletoe does for itself. #cause

The bell was wrapped in spell, so was the Mistletoe. #spell

We ran a Mistletoe and Christmas cheer. #cheer

I don’t know what to expect; everything other than Mistletoe is hopeless. #hopeless

You are my kiss under the Mistletoe. #mistletoe

You are the happiness in the holidays, candy to eye, and kiss under the Mistletoe. #happiness

The story of Mistletoe is the story of love. #story

At Christmas, all Mistletoe leads to impending meets and kisses. #impending

If kisses are snow crystals, I promise to be the Mistletoe for the rest of our lives. #promise

Open your hands if you want to hug me under the Mistletoe. #open

Make it a December to kiss under the Mistletoe and gather memories. #make

Accept everything, and be happy always under the Mistletoe. #happy

They would deck the Mistletoe with all your love, hopes, and desire. #deck

We go together, hand in hand always, like winter, Mistletoe, and sweaters. #together

Mistletoe, Christmas, sunshine, and good times. #goodtimes

Coffee, Christmas carols, Mistletoe, and cuddling up with you is an entire mood. #mood

You are Mistletoe to my winter heart. #winter

It is the season to stay with your closest ones under the Mistletoe. #season

Has anyone looked out for my Mistletoe? #looked

Kissing you under Mistletoe is sweeter than any blueberry cupcake. #sweet

Believe in the magic of Santa Claus and Mistletoe. #believe

Two is a company, and I own a mistletoe brand that will make you drool. #drool

I would wait for you and love you till Mistletoe and back. #back

Snow, snow, and my baby under Mistletoe. #snow

Trees are a crowd, but Mistletoe is like a kingdom itself. #kingdom

Happy mistletoe day! Wishing everyone in Christmas is cliché. #cliche

There is no freezing island on Mistletoe with you. #frozen

Live, laugh, and kiss under the Mistletoe. #laugh

Hershey makes a billion kisses per day; I am just seeking for one, under the Mistletoe. #billion

I will just be around the Mistletoe, with a hope that I might be kissed. #might

Christmas is knocking at the door, my instincts say; it is a mistletoe. #knocked

Christmas is no close that I can literally smell Mistletoe I will be kissed under. #literally

The part of the Christmas celebration when Mistletoe comes in, and I get to kiss you. #comesin

Everything’s better when wrapped in Christmas paper under the Mistletoe. #everything

Bloom where you are planted, just like the Mistletoe. #just

I do not have a problem with you, and I just want a mistletoe by my window. #problem

Don’t worry, be under Mistletoe. #worry

Is it just me, or do I want a kiss under the Mistletoe this year. #question

Funny Mistletoe Captions

Mistletoe is for royals, and it makes sense why it is my favorite. # favorite

Looking and smelling like a fresh mistletoe. #smell

Anyone who misses out on a Christmas party seems to lack Mistletoe. #missout

People prefer to spend money they haven’t and kiss under the Mistletoe. #spend

I do not try to impress people, and I will just kiss them under the Mistletoe. #impress

No mistletoe, no problem, no Christmas party, as simple as that. #simple

I am always going to kiss under the Mistletoe as if I have nothing to prove. $proof

A little kiss under the Mistletoe is worth more than many dollar bills. #bills

All I want to prove is I can make your kiss memorable under the Mistletoe. #memorable

Kiss me a mistletoe. #kissed

I don’t need a kiss under the mistletoe tree to be lazy and warm. #warm

I am settled; I am like a squirrel on a mistletoe. #squirrel

Life is far better under the Mistletoe; all I want is a few kisses. #far

To the Mistletoe I go, I lose my mind and finally find my soul. #soul

Keeping it real under the Mistletoe. #real

Rolling, rolling, rolling under the Mistletoe. #rolling

Mistletoe love is the best love of all, and I can bet on it. #bet

The best place for beginning something new is under the Mistletoe. #place

All I want for Christmas is a mistletoe. #for

Blessings to my wishes and mistletoe kisses. #blessings

Babe, it’s cold outside, let’s stay inside and kiss under the Mistletoe. #under

Kissing you under the Mistletoe makes sweater weather better and bearable. #better

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