176+ Catchy Merriment Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

The air smells of cakes and snow as Christmas approaches in a week. The world has decked up to celebrate, so will your social media handles. Here are a few “Merriment” captions that will make your Christmas celebration reach new heights. Do not forget to tag us!

Merriment Captions for Instagram

I will be born with a sense of merriment and judgment as if I am mad. #mad

This world is worth your anger, and I am not worth their merriment. #worth

Sometimes, we are dragged into the den of unhappiness, leaving behind all merriment. #dragged

Come, dude, I hope we can drink the wine of merriment. #wine

Today is the day of celebration, the day of complete merriment. #complete

Let’s divorce the past and marry the merriment of the future. #marry

Be in merriment. God will find you in every tune possible. #tune

Eliminate indifference and marry love in merriment. That is what matters. #matters

Merriment: an effervescence, blinding, bright and perky, yet so simple. #simplicity

Merriment is an indefinite quality that squeezes negativity out of a person. #squeeze

We better bury our toxicity in the Christmas pie so that we can dance in merriment. #toxicity

The lover drinks in merriment, while the sober drinks of the lie. #comparison

The wine is life and cups its soul, and my life is merriment, do not play it fool. #fool

Love breeds love. Merriment brings in merry. That’s how the world works. #working

I often miss out on the comfortable merriment of my family during Christmas. #christmas

In this wretched town, only a few things are left for merriment. #wretched

We exist to exist only in merriment. #existence

Life is more than just pretty faces, thrill, and merriment. #merriment

The pleasures of life are at stake, and merriment is the only currency. #currency

It’s the tunnel that seems darker, and the other side appears to be painted in merriment. #darker

How liberating of thought, instead of worrying about the merriment. #liberating

Never leave a trace of your existence. It always hunts down to your merriment. #hunts

Christmas is all about flirtation and merriment. If you think you are wrong. #wronged

The thought of merriment is inexpressibly a wearing thought. #wearing

It is wonderful business to be this full of merriment, kisses, and good night wishes. #business

Drink, laugh, and be in merriment. It’s finally Christmas. #bemerry

I will be happy to give up on drinking, than leave behind the merriment of life. #giveup

Oh damn, let’s run to the shop of merriment. I am running out of it. #running

Merriment is a kind of diversion from the reality of life. #reality

Conspiracy against the public will profit in price and suffer loss in merriment. #profitandloss

Music is a means of generating merriment and ecstasy, erasing out the gloom. #music

My opinions speak for merriment and never run out of dignity. #dignity

Half a decade hence, the freedom of speech will be a great source of merriment. #greatsource

Law of Christmas often misses out on the merriment of reality versus appearance. #versus

I think the angels motivate us to be in merriment, or else it would have been impossible. #impossible

Birds of the same feather do flock together for their merriment that matches their taste, #matched.

The pages of history speak of war and terror rather than glory and merriment. #history

The Christmas table decorated with muffins and turkey brings me merriment. #food

Carols and Christmas trees are the only reason for my merriment. #onlyreason

I have framed my life of merriment, as it bears the Christmas carols. #bear

The mystic rounds of Christmas are the reason for merriment in people. #reason

I already hear the sleds and Christmas bells. Time for merriment. #celebration

The Christmas carols are melody foretells that lead to merriment. #carols

This world is full of merriment, and it is just that it lacks humanity. #lacking

From tingling bells to sparkling snows, Christmas brings in merriment. #tinglingbell

No other merriment is as dull as baking muffins during Christmas. #baking

During Christmas, heaven seems to sprinkle with merriment and snow. #sprinkle

It’s better to be in solitude merriment rather than with a dull nodding acquaintance. #solitude

Merriment should strike the heart, and it does not matter if it slips from the lips. #heart

Merriment should be boisterous. That is the right kind of merriment. #boisterous

The universe gives us back what it gets; merriment is my only chance. #giveitback

Not every fun gets converted into merriment, just like the word funeral. #converted

I am easily cajoled by merriment and celebration; maybe I am a fool. #fooled

Nothing is more disturbing than a plan of merriment. #plan

I almost measure my merriment in a glass jar to keep a count. #keepacount.

Funny Merriment Captions

I have never experienced a Christmas full of merriment in my childhood. #childhood

I prefer to make my own merriment during Christmas, rather than being dependent. #dependant

Misery and gloom turn into the glitter balls of merriment at Christmas. #transformed

Merriment is always around me; it never leaves. #inandaround

My soul is unable to cope up with all the happiness and merriment during Christmas. #unable

The morning of celebration brings in a lot of merriment, bright and variant. #bright

The running waves and sands often sweep the merriment out of my life. #sweepoff

The departures and goodbyes result in longing and a deficit of merriment. #deficient

After the celebrations are done, nobody is there to bother about your merriment. #bothered

The winter season is all about merimentation. #winter

Be the reason for someone’s merriment and happiness in this festive season. #reason

My heart has endured the shortcomings and sufferings and longs for merriment now. #longed

Your vicinity brings in merriment and pleasure into the aching heart of mine. #ached

Your happiness and merriment totally depend on your personal peace of mind. #peaceofmind

I often keep a veil to my eyes as I crave merriment and success. #veiled

Life is all about the time we spend on contentment and merriment. #spend

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