List of 25+ Best McVities Brand Slogans

Originally a Scottish biscuit from Edinburg, which was launched in 1830, the British snacks and food brand is currently owned by United Biscuits. The company has the unique distinction of holding the Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II.

McVities is the highest selling biscuit manufacturer in England.

McVities Brand Slogans

Whole wheat at its heart

The great all-rounder 

Enjoy your daily digestive

Wholemeal at their heart

Goodness of wholewheat and cashback in every pack

Biting is believing

For better value

Wholemeal goodness

# shoot the cookies

India’s fit habits

At any time of the daily round

The ginger joy of —-

This penguin is for lunch not just for Christmas

# make some healthy noise

Sweeter together

Yeh habit hai fit

You and McVities can make a great British Olympic team

Be kind tom your mind

The fruity delight of —-

The regal richness of —

Now they are even easier to tear into

The zesty mischief of —

Biscuits for the holidays

All hail the King

The playful nibble nibble of —

A new twist on a classic

Because fit habits make fit India

McVities digestive biscuits will tempt your life at any time

Wellness is a way of life

Enjoy healthy snacking with a goodness of wheat and burst of cheese

Taste the natural goodness of whole wheat

India’s fit habits

So much real fruit you’ll be flabberjaspered

I feel like Chocolaty smuggles

The finest of all wheatmeal biscuits

The life and soul of the party snack

The premier biscuit of Britain

There is a good time coming

Baked to perfection

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