51+ Best May Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

May Day is celebrated on 1st May. In 1889 May Day was chosen as International Workers day. In various countries May Day is celebrated in various ways including dancing, observing festivals, displaying film shows and many others. The purpose of this day is to show gratitude to all the workers and encourage them by appreciating their hard work & labor.

List of May Day Captions for Social media

-Civilization could not be built without workers– let’s celebrate this they to show our gratitude to them. #civilization

-Let’s realize the contribution of the workers who keep our world moving – heartily wishes on May Day. #contribution

-May Day is a special day that cherishes the contribution of the workers –Best wishes on May Day. #contribution

-Let’s understand the importance of workers who uplifts the humanity with excellence – let’s celebrate this day greatly. #excellence

-A nation can’t prosper without workers – warm wishes on May Day. #prosper

-On May Day let’s convey thanks to those great hardworking people– who are the reason of our comfort – let’s celebrate this day successfully.

-Let’s appreciate the efforts that workers put, and show our gratitude towards them – best wishes on May Day. #appreciate

-May Day reminds the workers hardworking for us & we should respect them – let’s celebrate the May Day greatly. #respect

-Let’s acknowledge the limitless spirit of the workers to make works successful –May god blesses them. #spirit

-Today’s fruit of success is the result of workers immense hardworking –those fruits come as blessings to us – let’s celebrate the workers day greatly. #success

-Workers make the nation strong – let’s honor them – have a safe & happy May Day. #strong

-Have a faith on power of the labors – They have ability to change the wheel of a nation – wishing a happy May Day. #power

-Don’t sit quietly without celebrating the May Day –Best wishes on this day. #Mayday

-Let’s secure the happiness of our workers on this May Day – have a safe & joyful day. #secure

-The dedication of a labor can makes impossible things possible – nothing can change their determination – they are pride of nation. #pride

-The spirit of a worker is unstoppable – respect them – best wishes on May Day. #unstoppable

-Irrespective of scorching heat of summer & cold of winter, workers do their work unstoppably – let’s respect them & celebrate the May Day for them.

-Workers never stop their job focusing on it –let’s admire their dedication – warm wishes on May Day. #admire

-Whatever the reason is, workers never surrender – let’s respect their spirit and convey gratitude towards them – let’s celebrate May Day. #respect

-Let’s celebrate the May Day for the workers – they spend every day for us – warm wishes on May Day. #celebrate

-Let’s fight for dignity of the workers – they deserve it –warm wishes on May Day. #dignity

-May the month of spring when flowers bloom – the month of workers who helps a nation to bloom. 

-Show some respect to workers on this May Day – without them we are incomplete. 

-It is their duty to help us to grow and it is our duty to help them and send them gratitude – happy May Day. #gratitude

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