List of 22+ Best Maxima Watches Brand Slogans

Founded in 1996, Maxima watches are the second-highest selling watch brands in India. Headquartered at Solan in Himachal Pradesh,  The brand is the only watch company in the country which sells waterproof watches.

Maxima has a Pan Indian presence selling through retailers, distributors and e-commerce channels. 

Maxima Watches Brand Slogans

Get out of the old and get into a Maxima

Advancements in timepiece technology

Work in style

Black is beautiful

Shock-resistant — ready to shine

Design mein plus

Aaj bhi India’s only waterproof watches

A new Maxima everyday

Good times are back again

Hybrid chronograph – high energy watches

Style up with Maxima

Now ladies don’t lose their hearts only to diamonds

Explore the world

Laaye har chehere pe muskan

Let the good times begin of past deeds and future dreams

Grab your time this 2020

Shine on with this classic timepiece

Don’t try to fit in, try to be unique

Queen’s heart – the heart of gold

It’s not about having time — it’s about making time

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