195+ Catchy Mashed potatoes Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Mashed Potatoes are the most popular side dishes for many people and are often a great accompaniment with steaks. Here are some captions for your thanksgiving mashed potato posts.

Mashed potatoes Captions for Instagram

If you love mashed potatoes we can become good friends.

Your body needs some carbs too. So have some mashed potatoes.

If you wish to keep me happy, just let me have a bowl of mashed potatoes.

No need to filter my mashed potatoes.

There just cannot be thanksgiving without mashed potatoes. #thanksgiving

I just love to see you with mashed potatoes.

I just love that dance the call mashed potato.

Mashed potatoes is a dish that you can be innovative with.

Can you imagine a world without mashed potatoes?

I never knew that mashed potatoes could taste so beautiful. #beautiful

Baked potatoes are good, but mashed potatoes are just better.

It is difficult to feel sad after that beautiful plate of mashed potatoes.

Here’s to a life of never-ending love of mashed potatoes.

Never quit. Make some mashed potatoes and eat it all.

Even when life is unpredictable there are still mashed potatoes available. #unpredictable

If there are no mashed potatoes leftovers, your cooking has been an absolute success.

Can you think of anything else other than mashed potatoes at this time?

Official designation: mashed potatoes eater.

Enjoy life with minimalism. Begin eating mashed potatoes.

Nap, drink and eat mashed potatoes. Repeat. #repeat

For absolute peace of mind just have mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes aren’t just carb. It’s all about taste.

Potatoes in any form will do, but mashed potatoes just make my day.

Stop! Pass the rolls and the mashed potatoes.

I was always so depressed. Then they gave me some mashed potatoes. #depressed

With mashed potatoes, remember to set your scale back 20 pounds.

A day without mashed potatoes is a day completely wasted.

If you need me, I will be on the couch with a bowl of mashed potatoes.

I never want to overeat, but then they serve mashed potatoes.

It’s all about the gravy. And the mashed potatoes of course. #gravy

They wax and whine. For me, it’s only mashed potatoes and wine.

Be present at all thanksgiving parties, and be thankful for all the mashed potatoes.

Whatever happens we must have mashed potatoes at thanksgiving.

Mashed potatoes can be the best food to eliminate all worries.

What is a party without mashed potatoes? A boring meeting of course. #party

Thanksgiving recipe is good mashed potatoes, good company, and gratefulness.

If there aren’t any mashed potatoes you can count me out.

The fluffier the mashed potatoes the better they will be accepted.

Money and mashed potatoes are the same. We need both to survive.

It doesn’t hurt to eat some mashed potatoes when you are hungry. #hungry

If you love mashed potatoes just have some.

Boiled and mashed. That’s mashed potatoes for you.

The part cannot stop till I have finished the mashed potatoes.

What a great way to share your mashed potatoes with your guests.

Giving thanks for the simple things, like mashed potatoes. #thanks

Giving mashed potatoes on thanksgiving.

Better thanksgiving with mashed potatoes, than never at all.

Talk turkey to my mashed potatoes.

Gratitude can turn your mashed potatoes into enough and more.

Drink, eat mashed potatoes, and wear stretchy pants. #stretchypants

A life without mashed potatoes is quite unimaginable.

A crazy family, some crazy wine, and mashed potatoes. All that for some crazy time.

Don’t crib over mashed potatoes. It may be someone else’s fairy tale.

Add some butter to mashed potatoes and the taste gets enhanced manifold.

Thanksgiving is when the mashed potatoes show the heart the way home. #heart

Keep your eyes on the mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes: give cheerfully and accept gratefully. Remain blessed.

Thanksgiving is the best time to have mashed potatoes with anything at all.

Mashed potatoes obsession is what keeps me thankful and blessed.

Just keep stuffing it with mashed potatoes. #stuffing

Funny Mashed potatoes Captions

Give thanks and eat your turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Only mashed potatoes make me happy. Trying anything else is futile.

Give thanks for little mashed potatoes and you will get so much more.

Ever heard of the mashed potatoes eater? That’s me.

Spice up your Thanksgiving party with a platter of spicy mashed potatoes. #spice

Just keep gobbling the gobbler and mashed potatoes.

Fifty shades of gravy, only one shade of mashed potatoes.

Have a bite of these mashed potatoes and then try refusing to have any more.

Spice up that dish of mashed potatoes and you will be an instant hit.

Feast mode with mashed potatoes on the table. #feast

Even the best of us love mashed potatoes.

A man who likes mashed potatoes is a man you can always spend time with.

Even thanksgiving has mashed potatoes on its menu.

When life gives you recipes make the ones that have mashed potatoes.

Mashups are like mashed potatoes. You never know what the next helping will be like. #mashup

Family, turkey, and mashed potatoes. No need for anything else.

I am a glutton for mashed potatoes. Any time.

Gravy and mashed potatoes are the best sides of turkey.

Never expect me to share my mashed potatoes with anyone at all.

Stuffed with mashed potatoes and spinach. #spinach

How long have I had mashed potatoes? Ever since I can remember.

Mashed potatoes are what make every meal so beautiful.

You are the gravy to my mashed potatoes.

There’s no Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes.

Only if life was as soft and tasty as mashed potatoes. #soft

Touchdowns, mashed potatoes, and turkey.

Life always becomes better after you have eaten a plate of mashed potatoes.

Eat, drink, and only mashed potatoes.

I am too full of mashed potatoes to think of any caption at all.

Good times are with mashed potatoes. #mashedpotatoes

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