8 Tips Making Use of Symbols in Brand and Logo

The symbol happens to be amongst the most dynamic tools used by graphic artists for creating excellent logos. While designing the logo of a company one of the primary things will be to define the uniqueness i.e. to clearly represent the company how you would prefer it to be recognized.

A superbly executed logo is going to show up the user’s identity together with all the folks interacting along with the logo. As designers, our objective will be to design top-quality as well as effectual logos for the customers. 

In this design world, a symbol happens to be a combo of graphic components representing some particular thing to us – put simply, a picture conveying a story. The renowned critic and theorist named Kenneth Burke described human beings as a symbol-creating, symbol-utilizing, and symbol-misusing creature.

Being designers, we should be more concerned with how to make use of symbols properly while staying away from all sorts of misinterpretation.

We would never want to use any symbol improperly much to the disappointment of the client out there. 


Impact made by symbols within logos


In this world, the usage of symbols has become increasingly essential as well as complicated. According to some people, a logo happens to be a symbol; however, it is not the case. While a logo turns into a symbol for the identification of a business, pre-existing symbols are also used to get the job done. 

In case used properly, it is possible to use symbols to take advantage of the human desire which happens to be of the unconscious level and while included in the logo design, these symbols help to make relations between any particular business as well as that which the business likes to represent. 


How Branding Gets Affected by Symbols


Branding is vital for the current social life, for cooperative identities, for commerce, as well as for contemporary human involvement. It enables individuals to recognize, classify, organize, and also make perfect sense of this world.  

From the perspective of psychoanalytical aspects, developing brands is related to comprehending how human beings will be able to express and communicate feelings by means of symbols.

Even though it can be believed to be some sort of manipulation, it is actually a matter of comprehending the fundamentals of human communication and also the manner in which our minds function for creating a feeling of satisfaction within us.  

It is imperative for brands to be competitive. Moreover, the symbols employed to signify the brands ought to be strong. The relations made by the people through the symbols are essential in how the brands are classified by them eventually.


Guidelines on making use of symbols in brands and logos


Bear in mind that not every symbol is created equally – select symbols which can tell us a story. Perform adequate research and ensure that the symbols included in the logos communicate concise and clear representations, and are not simply some pretty faces. 


Global perspectives

Symbols should be scrutinized from several perspectives – that of the target audience and also that of the customers. What a symbol actually represents in a specific culture might not be what is signified by it in another. It is essential for businesses that look to establish international brands and identities.


Interest conflicts

Make it a point to perform research. Don’t make use of more than one symbol in any brand or logo which might symbolize conflicting concepts. Even though you can combine forces, never overload on symbols which might lead to friction. The logo ought to convey a combined message. 


Elucidate the communication

It is important for every single logo to communicate something. It is up to the customer to determine that something and the graphic artist should execute it as well. When used sensibly, symbols happen to be robust communication devices.

Although it is possible for any smart symbolic component within a logo design to express all the things, the designer must make it a point to express one particular thing properly and not a number of ideas badly.

Just like with any gadget, there are restrictions on what can be done by the graphic tools, and so try to be concise.

Although the client might not want to be too specific in the message, being a designer it’s your duty to emphasize the requirement for symbolic impact. 


Symbols which interact

All things representing the company visually ought to define it. It happens to be the specific concept behind a brand along with its logo. The expectation is that folks are able to comprehend who the business is and like to include that brand within their lives. 

It is also essential for the designer to be consciences that no symbol exists on its own given that they have been in a condition of interaction since conception. As a result, symbols do have friends as well as enemies.

It is up to the designer to identify how this is going to influence the impact made by the brand along with the logo. 


Remarkable usage of symbols in logo

Below, we have mentioned several samples of businesses which use symbols remarkably in their logo. 

Batman – the Bat: Nightlife, enigmatic, sensory, darkness.

Nike – the swoosh: pace, approval, movement, precision.

Target – the Bull’s-eye: Exact, exactly on the mark, winner.

Playboy – the rabbit: innocent, playful, classic, formal.

Girl Scouts – the Clover: youth, good luck, holy trinity. 

McDonald’s: good fortune, welcoming.

Windows: connectivity, openness, transparency. 

Apollo – 4 Wheels: unity, transportation, reliability.  


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