100+ Makeup Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Looking for captions? You are at the right place! We have specially curated a list of ‘make-up remover’ captions for you and your friends! Scroll through the list and tell us your pick in the comments below. 

Makeup Captions for Instagram

Thank God makeup removers! #makeupremovers

Makeup remover is the best friend who never leaves! #bestfriend

What is life without a makeup remover! #dull

Remove that makeup with a makeup remover! #removemakeup

Makeup needs to be removed before you go to bed. #removed

Use the makeup remover and sleep in peace the entire night! #useamakeupremover

Makeup remover is the ultimate example of peace. #ultimatepeace

Wear some makeup and rule the world! #ruletheworld

Good things happen to those who remove their makeup and sleep. #goodhabits

Make it a habit to remove your makeup before you sleep! #habits

Makeup before date and remover after shower. #beforeafter

Dissolve your makeup with some remover. #dissolve

Remember to use a remover. #remember

Helps your skin to glow even after bad situations. #glowskin

Life is easier with a makeup remover. #lifeiseasy

What’s your makeup secret? #makeupremover

Make yourself a little DIY makeup remover at home! #diy

Beauty begins with yourself. #beauty

People shall stare and hence, make their time worthwhile and later use a makeup remover. #worthit

And lastly, makeup remover! #lastly

Be comfortable in your own skin otherwise, no amount of makeup will help your personality! #comfortable

You better be beautiful within, because you can’t eat makeup! #betterbe

Let your face do all the talking! #doallthetalking

Makeup all glossy, my mood so bossy. #glossyandbossy

In love with the makeup remover. Makes skin so much better! #makingskinbetter

Shine bright like a diamond! Use that makeup remover! #shinebright

I love to wear makeup but at the day’s end I need some makeup remover. #love

I don’t believe in God, but I believe in MAC. #mac

What the secret behind your flawless skin? #secret

Use a makeup remover to see the magic yourself! #seemagicyourself

Who said money can’t buy you happiness? Money can buy you loads of cosmetics! #moneywins

Life would be tough without a makeup remover! #lifeistough

Hail the man, who invented the makeup remover! #hailtheman

3 hours to wear good makeup to remove it in 3 minutes. Imagine! #imagine

Wear makeup to express! #wearmakeuptoexpress

Makeup highlights our personality! #highlights

Add to your personality a little blush, a little kohl, and a little lipstick. #addtoyourpersonality

Every look says a lot about you yourself. #everylook

When bored, put on some makeup. #whenbored

Never forget to use a makeup remover! #neverforget

Always remember to use a makeup remover before going to sleep. #always

Never sleep with makeup on! Or you may totally destroy your skin. #neversleep

Makeup is a woman’s best kept secret! #bestkeptsecret

I believe women who do not wear makeup are either lazy or dead inside. #deadinside

Make your life happening with some makeup! #makelife

Use a makeup remover today to preserve your skin! #preservethatskin

Makeup is strong weapon. Use it carefully. #strongweapo

Makeup is my shield! #myshield

Makeup makes me feel confident! #beconfident

Funny Makeup Captions

Break the rules! #breaktherules

Make sure to express the person within. Or maybe create a different person altogether. #expressthepersonwithin

This lockdown make sure to give yourself a makeover! #makeover

If your girlfriend hasn’t put makeup on you, then maybe you have rethink it over. #rethink

Never ask a well made-up woman, why she is late. #nevernevernever

Makeup leaves my skin course. Makeup remover helps. #makeupandremover

Makeup and makeup remover have a bitter-sweet relationship. #bittersweet

Slaying men since 1999! #slayingmen

Wear some makeup and slay men like never before! #likeneverbefore

Whenever I have a well made-up face, do not come near me. Or if you do, first, click a selfie! #clickaselfie

Keep it simple yet hot. #simpleandhot

My day starts with a little coffee and some blush. #coffeeandblush

But first, put on some makeup. #butfirst

Makeup speaks a lot about your style and a remover speaks a lot about your habits. #differentbutsame

Makeup is scary. #scary

I can never put on makeup, all by myself! #ihavetried

I have always crashed my own makeup with some remover! #crashed

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