79+ Catchy Lubricant Captions For Instagram To Make Your Own

An engine is the life of any machinery. However, being exposed to a lot of wear and tear over time can result in friction and breakdown of the important parts. A lubricant plays an important role in reducing the load on the engine significantly. Using an appropriate social media caption will help in amping up the lubricant posts on social media. 

Listed below are a few captions that can be used for the promotion of lubricants on different social media platforms.

Lubricant Captions For Instagram

A lubricant is a lot like love. It reduces the friction in machines like love does for life. #friction

Because the engine needs a lot of care and protection.#enginecare

Lubricate the engines to prevent premature burnout.#saveengines

Increase the longevity of life of an engine using proper lubricants.#longerlife.

Better the lubrication, longer-lasting the engine.#lastlong

Because wear and tear are imminent.#breakdown.

Lubrication, the perfect weapon to fight against engine degradation.#saveengines.

Lubricate today so that the engine sees a brighter tomorrow.#enginecare.

Optimize fuel usage through proper lubrication. #lubricate

A lubricant that can make the life of your engine longer.#saveengine

Because someone has to take proper care of the engine.#enginecare.

A drop of lubricant can extend the life of the engine manifold.

Do not portray yourself as a gas hole, lubricate your vehicle today.#quirky.

A lubricant reduces emissions, saves the world from environmental subjugation.#saveenvironment. 

Increase the power of the engine by lubrication.#betterengines.

Because the engine progresses well when it is lubricated.

The quality of the progress is determined by the lubricant that you use.

A lubricant provides independence in the functionality of the engine.

The true potential of the engine is realized only by how long it survives.#saveengines.

Bad engine spoils the environment.#environment matters.

A good engine ensures that there is no spill anywhere.

Work towards a better tomorrow and reduce emissions today, lubricate properly.#saveenvironment

Harbor the true benefits of lubrication

Funny Lubricant Captions

Because lubrication today leads to a better tomorrow.#enginecare

The true potential of an engine is realized through lubrication.#saveengines.

To improve the fuel efficiency in the future.#saveengines

Ignite the world through the use of proper lubricants.#lubrication.

Because there is no space for bad emissions anymore.#saveenvironment

Explore the world of lubricants with us.

Because lubricants ensure that your engine runs smoothly all the time.#enginecare

Do not forget to lubricate the engine for longer survival.#lastslong.

Because a lubricant has never looked better.

The lubricant of your dreams.#bestlubricant.

The lubricant that really matters.

The lubricant that lasts long.

The lubricant that fuels your engine like it fuels your life.#bestlubricant.

Power into the future with the right use of lubricants.

Vouch for a cleaner world using the best lubricants.#saveenvironment.

Protect the environment, use proper lubricants.#environment.

The engine that runs on lubricant. 

Want your engine to survive for long? Use the best lubricant in town.#best

Stop the torture on your engine now, use lubricant for best results.#saveengines

Spread the word for the best lubricant.

Lesser the burn, more do you earn.#quirky

The lubricants run the engine and the engine runs the world.

Lubricants that get you where you want to go.

Get more done with less lubricant

A lubricant company that cares for your engine.#saveengines

Because in some aspects like lubrication, less is more.

Know the true potential of lubricants through us.#bestintown

Make the world a better place to live in.#saveenvironment.

Stop the oil drain, start from the engine.

A clean world with good lubricants is a harmless world.#saveenvironment.

Because the world needs our attention and proper lubrication is a way of achieving that.#savetheplanet

Because we believe in the quality of the lubricant.

The top-quality product that only you deserve.#best.

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