178+ Catchy Lovesick Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Perhaps all of us have been lovesick; if you are not, then most probably you will be as it is just a matter of time. Nevertheless, here are some captions that can signify your sickness and maybe bring you some solutions. You can use these captions to make your posts more alluring.

Lovesick Captions for Instagram

I am sick, and love is my medicine. #medicine

My eyes are only fixed on you. Is there something on your face? Wait, it is love! #fixed

I cannot bring the moon down to the Earth to prove it, but I miss you. #miss

When you are with me, I feel alive. #alive

Sometimes I can see you, and then suddenly you vanish; what kind of sickness is it?

My world would have been in darkness if it was not for you. #darkness

Hey, can you please come here and hug me? I am done with virtual hugs. #hug

Love is the only sickness that I do not want to recover from. #recover

If I am the book, then you are its most romantic chapter. #romantic

Valentine is coming; it is time to get sick again. #lovesick

I do not believe in love until this day, and now I am a believer till my last day. #believer

Everyone says, ‘follow your heart, but my heart is not partial; it is vulnerable to affection. #heartsick

I do not have a fever, but I am sick of not seeing you. #fever

I am sick when you are not with me.

Love is all I need. #need

I am lovesick as I am waiting for the one true medicine. #true

You may be lovesick but do not just take the good-looking medicine without inspection.

If God creates diseases, then he also creates remedies, and you are my remedy. #remedy

You need to see love to actually believe it.

Thanks! For making my life worthwhile. #worthwhile

The world is probably sick of us, so let’s just get lost. #lost

I know that I am repeating it, but you really are the best I have got. #best

I hope that I never fall into the sickness of love.

You look sick, are you in love? #lovesick

The time you were away from me, I felt like a puzzle that was missing its half. #puzzle 

If love can make you more alive, then it can also make you sick. #sick

Love gave me a lot of pain but not anymore. #stronger

When the person does not feel the same way, my heart feels crushed. #crushed

What is your resolution? Mine is to never fall again as I am now sick of it? #resolution

No matter what, I will love you till my last breath. #breath

Love gave me the strength to stand strong amid the never-ending ocean of my problems.

Stop being lovesick; you are making me sick!

People are going to get lovesick from the 14th. Does anyone want to collaborate with me?

Is there any remedy for people who are lovesick? #people

My fever of love is getting too high, past 100 degrees already. #fever

You made me realize what love truly is.

How can I be lovesick? How can you be so beautiful! #beautiful

Whenever I see you, I ask myself, ‘I am dreaming, am I?’. #dreaming

I am fine if everything changes except our love.

When I said, ‘I love you, I really felt it.

I hope you come back soon; I am tired of dreaming about you.

No matter how sick the situation is, I will never leave you. #situation

Choosing you as my partner is my best choice. #choice

Out of 7.9 billion people, only you made me lovesick.

I wonder how you are not sick in love after meeting such an outstanding personality like me.

Let’s get quarantined together for only seven days of February. #quarantined

I was once so sick in love that I was blinded, unable to see the obvious. #blinded

My love is increasing day by day. #increasing

I still miss you, I still love you, and none of us can stop it.

Funny Lovesick Captions

I am really sorry, but love is a disease that cannot be treated.

My eyes can easily find you in a crowd; is that my superpower? #superpower

I do not know about eternity, but I can promise to be with you till my last breath. #eternity

Your smile is worth all the compromises. #smile

You are professional in making me fall sick in love. #professional

How many of you are waiting to fall in love? #fall

I was sick of being shy, so I stood up, and here we are. #shy

Why are all teenagers lovesick, and I am still wondering how to confront my love.

It has been a long since you were gone; it has been a long since I truly smiled. #long

Hey, if you are as lonely as me, then you can join me on 14th February.

Whenever I close my eyes, I see you; any good name for this sickness? #lovesick

Whenever you are with me, I will be strong, but the moment you go, I feel lesser.

Your love is the only thing for which I can leave everything. #everything

I will follow you wherever you go, no matter how dark it gets. #follow

You are the reason why I am happy in this sick world.

If you are lovesick, then God saves you.

I need a vaccine against being lovesick. #vaccine

No matter how lovesick you are, a relationship needs two people.

Once, I was desperate for love, well that has not changed yet, but it can be by your courtesy.

You know I have a crush on you; why not settle the score? #settle

See, I am ready to say it, just cooperate, and it will be smooth.

Are you a mirror as I can see my smile?

Getting lovesick is like a daily affair to me.

Why cannot I think of anyone but you, only you?

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