160+ Catchy Lovebirds Captions for All Social Media

Falling in love was probably not by choice, but you may look for captions to present it better in front of the world and to make a good impression or to impress your loved one. Here are some lovebird captions that can add some wings to your post and make it fly throughout social media.

Lovebirds Captions for Instagram

Ever heard about lovebirds? Well, that is what we are!

Love is not a destination; it is a journey. #lovebirds

I am flying like a bird in the sky of love. #flying

We were always together, even in the strong winds. #strongwinds

We shall discover the sky together and keep discovering forever. #discover

I want to get lost with my lovebird. #lost

My love cannot be caged in the horrors of this world; it will only glow and grow amid it.

Let’s fly for eternity or at least till our wings are intact. #intact

I will not fly in this world without you. #world

My dreams for you are even higher than the sky. #dreams

Your eyes are like a deep sky, in which I get lost flying. #deep

When I touch you, it is like dreams that turn true. #dream

Seems like we have locked ourselves in the same cage. #locked

This bird is truly loyal to its mate. #loyal

Why can I not see anyone except you? Do you always stand out, or am I in love? #love

I just love birds, and you are like a bird. #bird

If I am love, then you are the bird.

Can the plane of love fly steadily without anyone of its wings? If yes, then for how long?

Valentine is coming, and it is time for a 7-day flight. #valentine

Your eyes are the only ocean in which I want to drown after flying for the day. #drown

I cannot cage you, but I will protect you. #protect

Do not fly alone; you will feel lonely; let me help you. #lonely

In a world of billions, I choose you as my partner in flight. #billions

Today my love is too high, probably even a bit a higher than the sky. #high

I have never seen a bird more loving than you. #loving

Ever seen lovebirds? See us.

If I am a bird, then you are my wings. #wings

I need someone to accompany me for a seven-day flight, want to fly together?

If I am a puzzle, then from the past years, you were the missing piece. #puzzle

Our love is true, just like the sky is blue. #truelove

Without you, I am like a bird without wings.

We are soulmates, isn’t that enough? #soulmates

Love cannot be caged, and if you really love, then you will set the bird free. #freedom

I felt lonely in the city of millions, not anymore. #millions

Why am I so obsessed with you? #obsessed

Every time I look at you, I see the best decision of my life. #best

Not meeting you before is my only regret. #regret

Love is proof that unexpected things can be good. #good

You may be a bit annoying, but you are the best I have got.

Let’s recreate the first day we met, and I want to see again what bliss looks like.

Whenever you are around, love is in the air. #air

Amid the darkness, I found light, yes that’s you, the love of my life. #light

You know I am smiling, and you are the reason. #reason

I was flying too high, but you made me realize that I had to return to the ground. #humble

Both of us accepted a summation of our little, big capabilities with imperfections. #summation

You have always got my back if I get damaged. #damaged

I found harmony when I started to sing with you. #harmonious

We used to fight, well that has not changed yet. #fight

The cloud of our love is floating too high and escalating in intensity. #escalating

The other birds will keep on muttering, and I think we shall focus on the scenery. #scenery

Hey you, yes you, never leave me, you are my lovebird.

Funny Lovebirds Captions

I never really believed in lovebirds until I saw you.

You repaired my damaged wings. #repaired

You will never stop impressing me, will you? #impressing

We do not need a reason to love; it just happens. #happens

Every day we explore the sky of love, and it is never-ending. #infinite

Whenever I look at you, I see how beautiful my smile is. #smile

There are a hundred reasons to be sad, but I am still happy, and you are the reason.

I thought love was a myth; well, now I am in the joy of being wrong. #myth

Promise me that you will never leave me.

I can stand against the toughest of all storms, but only if it is for you.

We are no Romeo Juliet or just another pair of lovebirds; we are unique. #unique

In this world full of lies, you are my truth. #truth

I wish that I see my last sun by your side.

Anything can change except our love; it will only evolve. #evolution

Life became better when we started flying together. #better

Love should set you free rather than cage you in.

If love is a prison, then it would be a blissful one. #prison

You and coffee are the only things I need to fly.

Once my life was all my mine, but now I know what responsibility means. #responsibility

I did not like to be ruled, but now you are my queen, and I do not regret it. #queen

Flying in the sky of life is so much more fun now. #fun

The young lovebirds might teach you something.

You are too sweet to be ignored. #sweet

You taught me how to live; you taught me how to fly.

Being in love can make you more mature. #mature

I lost control of my heart by your courtesy. #courtesy

I am really flying with you, or is it a dream?

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