100+ Catchy Longboarding Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

If you love longboarding, and also love posting on social media, you need this list of captions to use with your posts on longboarding. Social media makes your posts get a lot of exposure.

Even then your posts need an extra edge, something that only captions can give them. So here is a list of captions we made exclusively for you on longboarding for you to use and give your posts that extra edge that they need.

Longboarding Captions for Facebook

Impossible is the only word stopping you from believing that even you can do it.

I would rather be longboarding than doing anything else. #longboarding

First, we go uphill. Then it’s all downhill for us. That’s what longboarding is all about anyway.

I can be anything by day, and anything by night, but I am a longboarder for life.

I will sleep only when I am dead. That’s why I keep on the move on my longboard always.

Longboarding is popular not for nothing. There are simply too many reasons for it.

When I longboard I feel like I am Superman. Only those pebbles act like kryptonite. #superman

 The craving to perfect each move, and do even more after that is what gets instilled within us.

They say going downhill is not a good thing. Surely they haven’t tried longboarding.

Let’s go longboarding and exploring. What is life if we don’t discover the fantastic secrets it holds?

Once you go longboarding you realize the immense opportunities life has laid out before us.

Why marvel at others’ longboarding? Why not give longboarding a shot yourself?

Longboarding teaches us to have a tough exterior and be compassionate inside.

If you aren’t into longboarding you are missing the good things in life. #longboarding

Be a boss in longboarding. And an amiable human being at all other times.

Longboarding has helped me rediscover myself. I have a complete makeover now.

Longboarding is all about having fun. So don’t make it a serious issue.

I just go longboarding at the slightest opportunity. Anywhere, anytime.

Proud to be an owner of different longboards.

Each time I fall and hit the asphalt I become even more determined not to let it enjoy my falls.

Longboarding has immense therapeutic effects. I realized after I began. #therapeutic

Remember that your best memories always come from the worst ideas that you have had.

Longboarding Captions for Instagram

All you need to go longboarding is to buy yourself a longboard and just begin.

What is in your heart will decide how you do your longboarding.

Longboarding is more than just a thrilling sport. It is an adventure. It is a language.

Longboarding is my source of sustenance. It keeps me going. It doesn’t let me stop.

It is always better to try and fail, rather than failing to try at all. #try

It teaches you to accept that there is always a new skill to learn and perfect.

Try captioning this snap of me longboarding.

I have become a more sportive person after longboarding.

Skateboarding signs are irrelevant. I don’t skateboard. I longboard. It’s different.

Longboarding is a lifestyle. My life is centered around longboarding alone.

The challenges we face in longboarding are what make us more resilient and analytical.

I practice longboarding so much I don’t really get the time to post about it here.

The higher you jump, the higher you will want to jump after this one. Every time it is the same.

The only way to be better is by practicing. Without that there cannot be perfection.

One thing I have learned from longboarding is to fall with elan. #learn

How to balance is what I learned from longboarding. That’s why I am balancing my life so well now.

When I go longboarding I make sure I have dogs chasing me. That helps me achieve great speeds.

Longboarding is so much more than just an adventure sport for me.

If not anything else, longboarding has definitely let me have many ripped clothes.

Longboarding teaches you to never stop exploring, never to be stagnated at one point, with one move.

It’s not just the speed. It is about strength, endurance, and decisiveness as well.

She just loves longboarding in high heels too. That’s really her own unique style.

Longboarding Captions for Twitter

If you love longboarding we can become good friends. #friends

Dreaming big is great, but only if you begin the journey right away.

Longboarding is all about strength, endurance, and patience.

Longboarding has made me a completely different person. Only far better.

I am a longboarder. Proud to be a longboarder. Blending only with other longboarders.

My longboarding crew and mates aren’t just my friends. They are my family.

Longboarding shows that fear is only a relative thing.it stays unless you try doing what you fear.

Exploring the speed and risk, while controlling and maneuvering, is what longboarding has taught me.

Whatever be the result, don’t be bothered. Just enjoy the experience along the journey. #journey

They say we should do more of what keeps us happy. So I keep longboarding all day.

I get to do whatever I want, however, I want. That’s what longboarding is all about.

You need to be an amateur to be a pro. And to be an amateur you need to be a beginner.

It’s simply freedom. You choose your moves. You choose your speed. You decide for yourself.

The way to success is when you try one more time. Every time.

Longboarding is all about rolling along with it. #rolling

After a day of longboarding, I become so calm and relaxed.

There is no winning or losing in longboarding. It’s all about enjoying the trip downhill.

Longboarding helps me to release myself into the speed and thrill.

You will never know whether or not you can do it unless you actually try.

Longboarding is an art form in itself, what with all those artistic moves and stunts.

The adrenaline rush I get from longboarding is simply too nice a feeling.

I feel very deep happiness ever since I began longboarding. #happiness

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