5 Characteristics that Make Amazing Logo Designs

At present, it is possible for anyone to gather ideas for making a logo; however, it is much more difficult to design one which helps to represent your company perfectly.

As a matter of fact, branding happens to be an essential feature of a prospering business.

Characteristics that Make Amazing Logo Designs

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 5 characteristics which will help to make amazing logos. These are as follows:


Probably this is the most important attribute to bear in mind while designing a logo. It is very easy to identify a simple logo and one also to remember it for a long time. Although, it might appear that creating is simply logo is not a difficult task it is not that on most occasions.

In fact, one has to make lots of sketches, research work, as well as refinements to get the job done in the long run. It is very easy to overlook the logo when it comes to the consumer or end-user of the brand. The majority of individuals do not care how the logo had been created with a grid or any other alterations that were done with it but it is nevertheless going to make an impression whatsoever while affecting the users buying decision, overall feelings and productivity.

Logos come in smaller sizes in this digital era as compared to before. In fact, you will come across some logos which are not more than several millimeters; however, they can be identified clearly and legibly. This is because of their simplicity. For instance, when you consider the Reddit logo you can see that it consists of only some circles along with a smiley face; however, you will know what it is as soon as you look at it.

A simple logo will be able to convey its meaning in spite of being scaled down to a thumbnail. In case there are a lot of elements and the logo appears to be quite complicated, then it will not be legible when it is scaled down to a smaller size.


It will be a folly on our part to create logos following the most recent trends out there. There is a possibility for these logos to become outdated within a short span of time. Instead, it will be sensible to go through logo books for getting some inspiration since several of the most well-known logos had been designed more than 50 years back and is still effective at present.

In case you follow trends, the logos might give you the result for a couple of years and then they might appear to be old-fashioned with the passage of time. On the contrary, a proper logo will appear to be good even after quite some time of its creation.

For example, there is no need to add any gradient simply because everybody is doing so at present. Add it in case it really benefits the logo and is also relevant to your brand. Do not try to follow trends simply because they are there; in that case, you will always lag behind.


Although this is an obvious point, it is a fact that a lot of designers forget the type of business they’re creating logos for. They tend to design a logo simply because it appears nice. It is important for the logo to appear pertinent to your business. However, it does not imply that it has to be a literal representation of your business.

This likewise applies to the font of the logo. It is important for the font to be pertinent to your brand and how you like it to be perceived. In case you are making a logo for any funeral service, not try to make it a bubbly font. This will provide a feeling of something childlike, for example, a party service for the kids. On the other hand, a more classic font like Garamond will be appropriate in this case.

In fact, a logo is the first thing individuals often see about a particular company. Therefore it is important for the logo design to be relevant so that it is able to instill a sense of trust regarding the company in the minds of the viewers.


It is important for your logo to be different from the rest on the market so as to stay ahead in the competition. This will help you to become a successful logo in the long run. It is often difficult to find the correct balance while designing the logo and it is the job of an expert designer out there and not a beginner one.

It is important for the quality of the logo to be proper as compared to the quantity. There is no point of presenting several versions of the logo to the client with the hope that he comes to like one of them. Instead, it would be better to focus for both the client as well as the designer on some particularly strong concepts that are able to satisfy all the specifications.

A distinctive logo will be instantly recognizable and it will help your company to stand above the rest. This will provide you with lots of rewards in the long run.


A memorable logo can be achieved by combining the attributes of simplicity, relevance, timelessness, and distinctiveness. Whenever you come across companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nike, and FedEx, you’re able to visualize the logo within yourself. It is not only because these companies are big but their logos are also properly executed in the best possible way.

In case these logos happen to be complicated, irrelevant, common, and outdated, you have a much more difficult time remembering those eventually. However, the above-mentioned companies are recognized across the globe and your memory will be able to retain them without any problem whatsoever.

On the contrary, lesser-known companies or startups will have a much more difficult time making their clients remember their logos along with their brand identity. There must be a strategy for those companies so as to get a proper return on investment. It is important for the logo to be noticeable irrespective of whether you are watching it on a hoarding while traveling with a trend or at the corner of your monitor screen while browsing the Internet.

However, one cannot deny the fact that a logo happens to be only a small part of any advertisement and you can always use proper typography and imagery to convey any message you want. It will not be difficult for you to create a memorable logo by making a proper research and providing ample time for it.


Although many companies might ignore logo design as well as brand identity design, it should be one of their priorities out there. In fact, a logo can make a big difference for any successful company when it comes to generating more traffic, reaching a more pertinent audience and also increasing the brand awareness. With these above-mentioned 5 characteristics, a logo can play a big role for your company’s success.

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