250+ Catchy Lobster Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Looking for some fun captions for your delightful plate of lobsters? I can assure you that you are in the right place! Here is a list of fun captions, curated specially for you! So look no more and sit down as you scroll through the list to find the best-suited caption! 

Lobster Captions for Instagram

The world is a giant lobster! Go grab them! #grabthem

When life gives you lemons, use them to garnish your lobster! #garnishthemsmooth

Garnish the lobster skin smoothly with butter! #garnishing

Party hard. Like a lobster. #partylikealobster

I am hosting a lobster party! #itsalobsterparty

Be a lobster and go seize the day! #seizetheday

Be like a lobster and go grab the opportunity! #grabtheopprotunity

Do not be shellfish. It’s just a lobster. #shellfish

Come out of your shell, and face the world! #eatalobsterfirst

But first, I want some lobsters. #butfirst

Betty bought lobsters and more lobsters! #bettybought

Betty bought enough butter to butter the lobster skin! #iknownow

I am not drooling, you are! #youaredrooling

Stop drooling over my favorite lobster dish! #stopdrooling

Presenting to you, lobster curry straight from my kitchen! #lobstercurry

Stop grilling me. Grill the lobsters. #grillthelobsters

Lobsters are the best thing in the whole world! #bestest

Thank the Lord for lobsters. #thankyoulord

Yum yum. Mom made lobsters! #yummy

Do you wanna join us in our dinner tonight with lobsters? #dinnerwithlobsters

Can never say no to lobsters. #neversay

Never say no to lobsters. They can sting. #becareful

Lobsters don’t sting, you stink. #knowthedifference

Lobsters don’t stink. They taste delicious! #lobsterssting

Lobsters are large, delicious creatures. You kill them to make your supper. #deliciouscreatures

Tell me delicious seafood apart from lobsters! #ibetyoucant

Be a dear and get me lobsters from the beach! #beadear

Life sucks but lobsters make it fun again! #lifesucks

Life is better with lobsters in it. #lifeisbetter

Me dreaming of lobsters got me like. #liveinthyimaginations

Life sucks but lobsters make it worthy of living! #worthy

Do you want to be my lobster? #pleasebeone

Live for the lobsters! #livelong

Live long lobsters! #livelonglobsters

They are each other’s lobsters. #lobstersalways

Lobsters for life! #engaged

Engaged to my lobster! #notliterally

Lobsters mate for life. Can I turn to a lobster? #howcanyouturn

Why are humans not lobsters? #whyarenot

Fall in love like a lobster! #lobsterlove

Be my lobster, tonight. #bemylobster

Life at the beach is awesome! Filled with bitches, beaches, and lobsters! #lifeatthebeach

Keep calm and keep eating lobsters! #keepcalm

Find your own lobster! #foundone

Lobsters are hard to catch. But they taste awesome! #tastylobsters

Just a couple of rich friends hanging with beers and lobsters! #beersandlobsters

I love lobsters! #lovethem

A specially curated lobster dish on my wedding day! #speciallycurated

I am sorry. We only sell lobster dishes. #only

Do you want the grilled lobsters? And would like a topping over it? #grilledlobsters

Love lobsters. #morethananything

Butter that lobster up! And yet, we still can’t grill him. #butterup

Buckle up and butter them! #buckleup

Seas the day! Order that lobster! #seastheday

My dad and I hog on lobsters whenever we go to the beach! #tradition

Hogging on lobsters the entire day! #hogging

Hogged on lobsters the entire vacation! #hoggedalldaylong

Goa beaches can serve you some damn awesome lobster dishes! #goaisawesome

Lobsters have actually died for you! #already

Can you find a more sacrificing friend than a lobster? #alwaysabetterfriend

Lobsters are a better friend than the Hobbit. #changemymind

Let’s roll. Lobsters only. #letsroll

Roses are red, violets are blue, lobsters are mine and you better make it right. #damnright

Lobster goals with my bestie! #goals

Lobsters are bliss on the plate. #bliss

Lobsters are a perfect example of how love matters of what’s inside. #seebeneath

Good food, good mood! #perfect

Lobsters are perfect food for the beaches. #perfectfoodforthebeaches

What is the best dish by the beach? Lobsters! #bestdish

Made with love. #madewithlove

Lobsters! Made with perfection. #perfection 

Food goals? Lobster goals! #foodgoals

We are not the same. I love lobsters, you do experiments on them. #wearenothesame

This is the way to hold on to a lobster! #correctly

Have you ever held a lobster? #idid

If you love lobsters, you should know how to tackle them! #tacklethem

Funny Lobster Captions

Lobsters are not fish! They are shellfish. #shellfish

Don’t be shellfish, share your massive plate of lobsters! #share

Lobsters and beers are a deadly combination. #deadlycombo

Alcohol makes the lobsters tastier. #theymake

Don’t make a blunder after having five plates of lobster! #iofcoursewill

Try a lobster, sometime soon, if you already haven’t. #tryalobster

Count the memories, not the calories. #countthem

Lobsters are my true love! #truelove

Lobsters never betray until the restaurant manager sucks. #lobstersaredangerous

Lobsters can be dangerous and poisonous. #shellfish

Drooling on these lobsters, we caught today morning! #caughtthem

Lobsters – enjoy a taste from heaven! #tastefromheaven

Satisfy your taste buds with special lobster dishes! #satisfythem

My wedding shall have a special side menu for lobster dishes! #specialsidemenu

Savor the flavor. #savor

Grateful for lobsters. #grateful

Prawn, shrimp, lobsters are different. A layman would say it is all the same. #forthelasttime

Know the difference between lobsters, prawns, and shrimps! #knowthedifference

I am sorry. Did you say, you hate lobsters? #what

Come to our place, if you want to savor delicious lobster dishes! #comeon

I am shellfish. And I do not share my lobsters. #iamshellfish

I am on a lobster diet! #lobsterdiet

Going gaga over lobsters! #gagaing

I am an addict. #addict

Seafood steal my heart! #stealmyheart

The world is an oyster? No, it’s a massive lobster! #massivelobsters

Seafood diet is a diet where you see the food and eat it! #seafooddiet

I am on a strict diet with lobsters in the routine. #onlylobsters

Don’t be a loser. Be a lobster! #bealobster

Shrimply the best dish I have had in a while! #shrimply

Feel sophisticated much with sophisticated lobster dishes! #sophisticated

Sneak-peek on my crabsolutely delicious food! #crabsolutely

Lobster obsessed. #obsession

There is hardship in everything but not while eating lobsters. #changemymind

Know how to eat a lobster. Check out my blog! #learnfirst

Lobster Roll Captions for Instagram

Social media is the best platform for your posts to get a wide audience. And captions actually help amp up your posts. So here’s a list of beautifully concocted captions for you to use with your posts on a lobster roll and get that extra edge you have been looking for.

That’s how we spend our weekend. Relaxing in our backyard with lobster rolls and beer.

Care to share a lobster roll? Who said anything about sharing mine? I meant to share yours.

Why not lob me a lobster roll from that basket? #basket

This lobster roll is a serious affair for the gourmet.

The discerning connoisseur’s favorite fast food is a lobster roll.

However much I try quitting lobster rolls I always invariably land up having them anyway.

You will never look back once you have tasted this lobster roll.

Can you think of anything better than lobster rolls?

Lots of lovable lobster in this lobster roll. #lobsterroll

Ant foodie’s first recommendation will be the lobster roll.

A lobster roll is really happiness sandwiched as a roll.

Lobster rolls, French fries, and soft drinks. That’s life.

Why not post a pic of this lobster roll on Instagram and caption it as well?

It’s only a lobster roll that makes me feel whole.

This lobster roll is like a never-ending story. You will just keep on eating it.

I just love 2 things the most. You, and lobster rolls. #things

You will get a taste of the goodness of lobster in every bite you take off that lobster roll.

Life is like the beachside. So go on and relax. And have some lobster rolls.

The fun is not only in eating a lobster roll but in watching how others eat it.

You are to me what lobster is to the lobster roll. #lobster

You will be thrilled to see how fast they keep dishing out one lobster roll after another.

Lobster rolls are the best things to eat on a date.

Lip-smacking, lovable lobster rolls for you only.

Expect to be offered lobster rolls whenever you visit us.

A palpably palatable palette packed with a plethora of plush lobster rolls.

Baby, you are my lobster roll. I love you. #iloveyou

You will simply drool over the lobster roll that they offer at this eatery.

A party without lobster roll is a meeting, not a party.

This is the hottie I have been telling you about. The lobster roll.

I live to eat lobster rolls. #livetoeat

Oh? So that is what they call the lobster roll? And I have been having this ever since I was little.

Try a lobster roll and then fall in love with it forever.

A handful of lobster rolls is what I desire.

No one can eat just one lobster roll.

Can you top this lobster roll? #lobsterroll

Why not try some before you talk about it?

I never tire of lobster rolls.

If you don’t love lobster rolls we cannot be friends.

2 sides of the same bun, packed with butter and lobster. That’s what makes a true lobster roll.

You will only get authentic lobster rolls here.

Mind being my lobster roll model, please? #rollmodel

This is truly the original New England lobster roll.

I just have a thing for lobster rolls.

First, we finish our lobster rolls. Then we talk about other things.

If that’s the last one, I am having it. Reserved. Back off!

Great ideas can be born over lobster rolls. #greatidea

That’s me making lobster rolls for the family picnic.

That’s me in the corner having my lobster roll secretly.

Join us at the park for some lobster rolls.

This is the best lobster roll joint in town.

I will get a lobster roll for sure. #sure

Come and fall in love with the lobster roll that they make here.

These lobster rolls will leave you licking your fingers.

A lobster roll is good anywhere, anytime.

This lobster roll is lip-smacking good.

I am loving this lobster roll. #loving

It is the most mouthwatering lobster roll I have ever had.

I love anything lobster.

The happiest foo don earth is this lobster roll, especially when you are as hungry as I am.

Yes, I put mayonnaise in my lobster roll.

Lobster Captions

Celebrations call for lobster rolls. #celebration

How much lobster meat you put in your lobster roll is absolutely up to you.

Can you love lobster roll better than this?

You can eat lobster rolls as a snack or as a main meal.

Lobster roll tastes far better when had with family and friends.

It is just so easy to make a lobster roll. #lobsterroll

I just like your company and this lobster roll.

We ought to thank New England for this beautiful concoction.

The best combo around. You. Me. Lobster roll.

Lemons go best with lobster rolls and tails. #lemon

I love everything casual. No wonder that I love lobster roll so much.

The lobster roll they make here will just blow you out of your mind.

I just love lobster roll more than anything else. So don’t judge me.

The lobster roll is simply too delectable a preparation to not like.

Frankly, you do know how to make lobster rolls. #frankly

With a lobster roll in my hand, it feels like I am holding the world in my grip.

Always butter my lobster roll. That’s how it’s eaten anyway.

It is just too happy a moment having my lobster roll.

Now is the time when you offer me a lobster roll.

I may be selfish to not share my shellfish. #shellfish

Lobster roll with ample butter is a palate’s dream.

The lobster roll is my favorite food. #favorite

This is exactly how our lobster rolls look like.

I really cannot get enough of the lobster roll. #getenough

I put the meat of at least 2 lobsters in my lobster roll.

The lobster rolls they make here are just so good.

Shell? What shell? There’s no shell in any lobster roll.

You really are a glutton for the lobster rolls, aren’t you?

I usually have a lobster roll for dinner. #lobsterroll

That’s me partying like mad with lobster rolls galore.

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