100+ Catchy Lip Stain Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Social media captions are of utmost importance while putting anything up on the sites. The captions help your audience know your behind-the-scenes and hence provide more engagement. A picture or video put out simply doesn’t help your audience to understand your emotion behind it. We mostly do not have the headspace to come up with catchy captions all the time. While we do understand that, we have come up with a solution to the problem!

We have come up with a list of curated captions related to ‘lip stain’!

Lip Stain Captions for Facebook 

Stain that lip! #stain

Let’s shift to lip stainers! #shift

Lip stainer over lipstick! #yes

Color that lip. #redlip

Are red lip stains still going viral? #viral

What else other than red lip stain? #redredred

Red stain for life! #redforlife

Are red lipsticks still on trend? #hotaf

Black is the color, I stain. #black

Retain your look throughout the day! Use a lip stainer today! #usealipstainertoday

Lip stainer over men. #obviously

Makeup over people. #makeup

What is your secret? #lipstains

What is your secret to glossy lips? #lipstains

Makeup is a woman’s best-kept secret! Or is it just lip stainers? #justthat

Bring that confidence with lip stainers! #confident

Put on lip stainer like war paint! #warpaint

What are your colors? #redblackanddeepblue

The secret to my beauty! #lipstains

Do you have any makeup hacks? Mine is a lip stainer. #lipstains

Lip stainers help me survive the day! #throughout

Lip stains don’t complain. #never

A cup of coffee, a little blush, and a lip stainer to start my day! #starttotheday

A good start to the day goes a long way! #kickstart

Kick start your days with lip stains on! #lipstainson

Mood for red! #moodforred

Lip stains mood on! #moodon

Put on lip stain and slay men! #slaymen

Wear that heel and put on that lip color and rule the world! #ruletheworld

But first, put some color on that lip! #butfirst

Before you go out in the world, put on some lip stain! #beforeyougo

You will need some lip color to survive in the world outside! #survival

Don’t get lost in the world of politics, put on some lip color! #saynotopolitics

Lip Stain Captions for Instagram 

Politics don’t rule, your lip stain color does! #sobeit

Merry Kissmass! #christmas

The best day is when I kiss that red lip of my wife, which is a rare occasion! #bestdayever

A woman with a lip stain on, knows how to rule your world! #indeed

A woman with lip color on shall rock your world like no other! #rockabae

When sad, put on some lip stain! #whensad

Red is the color of the soul and so should be your lip! #colourofyoursoul

Everything can go wrong, not my lip color. #cantbeit

The whole world may be messed up but not my lip stain. #sure

Whiskey on the rocks with a red lip stain on! #allisgood

Pour yourself a glass of wine, put on some nice jazz, wear the red lip stain and pull yourself together! #doit

The code to a girl’s heart is to guess the color of her lips stains! #guessthecolour

There is nothing called the ‘right lip color.’ Put on what suits you! #suits

If a woman wants to wear makeup, then help her wear it. And if a woman doesn’t like to wear makeup, then let her be! #leaveoutalltherest

Lip colors speak a thousand words! #forathousandyears

Make sure to have your lip color on point! #onpoint

Beauty is in the lips of the beholder! #behold

Color your lip and bring that excitement back! #excitementback

Color your lips and have faith in yourself! #havefaith

You better be beautiful within because you can’t eat makeup! #betterbebeautiful

Sundays are for cosmetic hunting! #cosmetichunting

You are your own kind of beautiful! #byokob

Be comfortable with yourself first and then put on some makeup! #bethenaturalyou

Lip Stain Captions for Twitter

Keep calm and keep wearing lip colors! #keepcalm

Colors that heal the soul! #healing

Colors that calm the soul! #calming

Keep calm and carry a lip stain always! #carrying

Keep calm and keep slaying men! #slaying

Be instantly ready with a lip stain. Also, brush your hair! #instantly

Be party-ready with our lip stain! #partyready

Bright lip stain to brighten up your day! #brighton

Men will stare! All you can do is to make it worth their time! #worth

Men aren’t worthy of our kisses. #aint

Men aren’t worthy of our makeup! #takemywordforit

Put on some lip color and make that grand entry! #grandentry

Makeup is an extension of your personality! #extend

Lip stain is too pricy but worth the wear! #worthit

Wear that lip stain and come out of your closet! #comeout

I love my lip stain more than my boyfriend. #shhhh

Life would have been dull without lip stains! #prettydull

Kiss that red lip red! #kissitred

The best part of my life is my lip stain. #bestpart

The only good thing going on in my life is the lip stain! #onlything

Lip color hunting tonight! #colourhunting

Lip stain has the power to mold every single human on the planet. #powertomold

Lip stains make people jealous! #jealousy’ll

Lip stain and I is a better love story than Bonny and Clyde. #bonnyandclyde

Lip stain and I are better friends than Thelma & Louise! #thelmaandlouise

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