100+ Catchy Lip Liner Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

A caption put along with your video or photo or audio tells your audience about the nitty-gritty of the post. This helps your audience to engage with you more intimately and you might also gain a few extra followers! 

We have made a curated list of ‘lip liner’ captions that suits all your moods! Scroll through the list and pick your favorite, as and when depending upon your post!

Lip Liner Captions for Facebook 

Lip liner for the sexy lip. #sexy

Lip liner to enhance your smile. #enhancer

Breathe in more confidence with a lip liner on! #breathein

Makeup makes me much more confident, and I can carry myself better! #makeup

Makeup is an extension of your personality. #extension

Be comfortable with your natural self, first. Otherwise, no amount of makeup can make you look Godly! #godly

Put on a lip liner today! #puton

You better be beautiful inside! Makeup can’t help you with it! #betterbebeautifulinside

Who said money can’t buy you happiness? Money can buy you lip liners! #moneycan

Which shade is your lip liner? #redredred

What is your color? #red

Normalize thick lips. Can we please? #normalize

Lip liners for the soul! #liplinersforthesoul

Turning men on since my lip liner days! #turningonmen

College is all about lip liners and blush! #blushandlipliners

Gen X is the mother of all lip liners! #genx

Boomers might have introduced us to the lip liners, but we all know that they use lip crayons now! #boomers

Put on some lip liner and slay men! #slaymen

Put on some lip liner before you go out to rule the world! #ruletheworld

Before you deal in this nasty world, put on some lip liner. #nastyworld

Put on some lip liner and only then put your hand in the dirt! #yesplease

If you have to win in this world, then you have to put on some lip liner! #yes

Before entering the world of politics, wear a lip liner! #bold

Sunday’s are for cosmetic hunting! #cosmetichunting

Sunday’s are for you to give yourself a chance to breathe! #chancetobreathe

Put on a lip liner, some music and pour yourself a glass of wine and pull yourself together! #liplinermusicandaglassofwine

Lip Liner Captions for Instagram 

Life would have been very dull without these lip liners! #verydull

Lip liners are the fillers to my soul! #fillers

Party ready with just my lip liner! #partyready

Why else do you use your lip liner? #whyelse

What other purposes do you use your lip liner for? #whatother

Matinee show with a lip liner on. #matineeshow

What is makeup? Makeup is a thin line of lip liner! #thinlineoflipliner

If a woman wants to wear makeup, then help her wear it! And if a woman doesn’t want to wear makeup, then let her be. #letherbe

Live and let live! #liveandletlive

A red lipstick a day keeps your bad mouth away! #redlipstick

When under stress, wear a lip liner. #wheninstress

Men will be looking at you! Better make their time worthwhile and wear a lip liner! #makeitworthwhile

Wear lip liner to resolve your problems! #resolve

Different shades for different women! #differentshades

Shades for every woman! #shades

A shade of red is my go-to lip liner! #goto

Who wears a black lip liner? #me

Keep calm and keep wearing lip liners! #keepcalm

Keep calm and carry a lip liner always! #keepcalm

Lip liner to save your day! #savetheday

Never wear makeup for any man. Wear it because you love it! #never

Men aren’t worth any inch of your makeup! #menarent

Lip liner is my all-time favorite! #alltimefavorite

Lip Liner Captions for Twitter 

Beauty and brains! #beautyandbrains

Be beautiful outside and inside! #prettywithin

Breathe in your lip liner! #breathein

Anything on the lips is meant to be naughty! #naughty

Lip liners are meant to be dirty! #dirtydirty

Wear the color of your soul! #wearcolour

Makeup is my bae! #bae

Lip liners are my bae. #mipliners

Excited for the launch of the recent MAC lip liner! #maclipliner

Which lip liner do you use? #mac

I love women who can carry a lip liner even if their world is falling to pieces! #bold

Lip liner to go by please! #please

Lip liners are very important on showerless days. #yesyesyes

Lip liners are always a good decision than lipsticks! #betterdecision

Lip liners steal the show! #stealtheshow

Makeup over people! #always

What are friends for if not to help you wear makeup? #illbethereforyou

Lip liners will always be there for you! #always

Friends are a blessing in disguise! #blessingindisguise

Wearing a lip liner whenever I eat it up. #eat’emup

Eating lip liners are the favorite part of the day! #favorite

FYI, lip liners are not meant to be eaten! #fyi

Some coffee, some sarcasm, and a lip liner to make the day! #coffeesarcasmandlipliners

Start your day with a cup of coffee, music, and a lip liner! #coffeemusiclipliner

Blaze music and put on that lip liner and cheer yourself up! #cheeryourselfup

Blaze that joint with a lip liner on! #blazeblazeblaze

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