List of 18+ Best Limca Brand Slogans

Launched primarily for Indian markets, Limca is a carbonated soft drink with lemon, lime and soda. Later on, it was launched in some parts of the USA.

Launched in 1977 by Parle Bisleri, the Coca Cola Company is now the owner of the brand as well as the manufacturer. 

Limca Brand Slogans

Pyaas barao 

Chura lo

Haseen lamhon ko chura lo

Do pal taazgi

Chadha le taazgi

Fresh ho jao

Dubo taazgi mein

Hi thirst bye thirst

Pyaas barao , Limca se bujhao

Phir ho jaa shuru

Lime n lemoni, Limca

A simple fight over Limca

—- is very very lime n lemoni

Thirst aid box

Limca se bujhao pyas banao har safar ko khaas

Picnic times   Limca times

Mujhse milne aao

Le chal taazgi

Ek Limca chura lo na

Chill your summer with Limca

Order order order order another Limca

Taazgi masalafied

Disco times Limca times

Enjoy your great tasting Lime n lemoni 

When its thirst Limca comes first

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