198+ Catchy Lights Captions For All Social Media

Life without lights is incomplete, and almost every festival all over the world is celebrated with a lot of lights.

Christmas especially, is one of those times when everything around us is lit, and the whole world looks so different and warm. We have compiled a list of captions that will help you light up your social media posts this Christmas. 

Lights Captions for Instagram

If you give the light, people will find the way. #light

Happiness is the light that never diminishes. Rather it increases every time you share it.

Shed light unto the ones who are broken. They need it the most.

Illuminate the world with your light.

The light will surely get in some way or the other.

Improve everyone’s lives with the light that you have been blessed with.

Focus on seeing the light most when in your darkest moment.

A shadow implies that there is a light somewhere. #imply

His eyes shine bright like a light showing us the way.

Let’s live crazy with twinkling lights all around us at all times.

The light of a thousand suns burns within you.

Why curse the darkness when you can light up a string of lights.

Love is the light that drives out the darkness of hate.

Even after lighting up a thousand candles with a single candle, its light doesn’t diminish.

Only light can drive out darkness.

Let’s light up the lights and officially declare it the Christmas season.

You are the light in the tunnels. So why look for the one at the end?

Kindle a light in everyone. Then bask in the multitude of lights all around you. #lights

In all that darkness, it is a lone light that shines bright.

Live light, spread light, traverse light, and be the light.

Nothing can dim the light that shines within you.

Spark up one light, and many will follow. See everything clearly, then.

I will rather be the light that can light up others’ paths.

While you feel that your light is small, you will be surprised to see how many paths it illuminates.

Lighting up the world in multiple colors.

Shine in all the lights, and bask in the shower of infinite illumination.

The one who visits you in your darkest hour is the brightest light of your life.

Listen to the light inside as it will guide you well. And follow the path that it shows you. #guide

Be guided by the light that others shed for you to walk the path of life.

The lights that illuminate our path are more like our friends helping us.

We are but colorful lights in the sky for as long as we live.

O Lord, please let your light shine in my heart.

Learn to see the light in others and try to light them up.

You are the light in my life. My guiding star.

Be brave to explore the darkness. Your lights will become brighter with every step.

I just love the lights that we put up for Christmas.

The lights within are always the brightest of all. #lights

My fairy tale is all about twinkling lights.

Allow your light to shine brightly. That will attract more lights to you.

Dream bigger and shine brighter. Make everyone happier.

See the beauty in everything. Love that beauty and become the light.

I am putting up more twinkling lights on the tree.

Hope is the light that makes you see through the hardest of times.

Let everyone shine. Each one is a star, after all.

It is only when you know the darkness that you will appreciate the light.

Those are the fairies dancing in my garden.

Lights attract lights. And they grow to become ever so bright. #bright

Shine as if you need to light up the universe.

Let us each be light and cast away the darkness.

Keep shining to show everyone the path.

Shine in the lights of love and joy. Shine forever.

The world needs your light. Shine bright, our angel.

The holiday season feels more special because of the lights that adorn the city.

Lights are the magic that can take us a long way.

Every moment is illuminated by the sparkling lights at Christmas.

Fairies and unicorns are what we all believe in.

There isn’t any darkness that cannot be overcome with light. #overcome

So many colorful twinkling lights.

With the lights within your heart, you can always find your home.

Christmas is when every evening is lit up.

May the lights shine gloriously upon you all this Christmas.

Making every day merry and bright.

Funny Lights Captions

Christmas lights make us go back to our childhood.

After every darkness comes the light – the first one, then many.

Never let the light from within get dimmed.

Follow the light that presents itself within you. #light

Be happy, be bright. Light up other lives.

Be the light that shines so bright no one feels the darkness.

A thousand stars illuminate our lives.

If you can outgrow the dark into being the light, you are more successful than most.

My string of lights is what lights up our home.

When men fear the light, it is most disheartening.

Fairies are beings I truly believe in.

Be the one that illuminates, not the one that glares.

Leave a sparkle wherever you go.

Never may the shadow fall upon you. Remain enlightened. #shadow

The holidays are so much better with those lights on the trees.

It is only when it is dark that lights shine brightest.

These lights will brighten up our lives.

The light at the end of the tunnel may be of a train.

She is a girl that lights up the atmosphere.

Focus most in your darkest hour, and you will surely find the light.

I love being where the light is.

Be the light to everyone else’s darkness.

Feel the lights light up your heart.

A child who fears the dark can be enlightened. #enlightened

With lighting, everyone sparkles.

Moonlight drowns out everything but the brightest stars.

City lights are what my heart wishes for now.

You are the one who can light up the darkness.

Add a lot more fairy lights whenever you have doubts.

Be the light that others may see their way.

You have a luminous nature. #luminous

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