List of 46+ Best Lexus Brand Slogans

Founded in 1989 and based at Nagoya, Japan, Lexus is the luxury car brand of the globally famous Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota. Marketed in almost 70 countries across the world, Lexus is the top most selling Japanese first-rated cars worldwide. With regard to market value, Lexus stands tenth. 

Lexus Brand Slogans

The relentless pursuit of perfection

Luxuriously crafted. Consciously engineered

This is heart racing

The world’s first car with a heartbeat

Introducing a stunning feat

Memorable performance

Look twice 

Driven by intuition

The most powerful performance line ever

No charging means more driving

There is no going back

Arrive fashionably

The power of h, Lexus Hybrid

Solving tomorrow’s problem today

The even more special edition

Experience uninhibited exhilaration paired  with unprecedented craftsmanship

Dedicated to performance

High-performance low emission zero guilt

The car of the future

Go beyond utility

Never fuel it after midnight

The ascent of luxury

The future is now the power of h

Creating amazing

The heart wants what the heart wants

Follow no one

This is the new Lexus

No competition

Nothing in moderation

Overqualified for the BQE

Always charged always ready

A stronger body for greater control

Something else for Lexus to relentlessly pursue

Fast and furious

New endeavour same pursuit

Concentrated luxury

Power from on high


This new year drive the conversation you’re always meant to

See in reverse

You are seduced — the wind is cheated

A pre-owned car for all budgets

The scenic route just got blurry

The pursuit of perfection

It wouldn’t be a temptation if you could resist i

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