106+ Catchy Lechon Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Social media captions are a great add-in for your posts. They help in increasing the likes and followers you always look for. Here are some captions for you to use with your posts on Lechon. See how they help in revving up your popularity.

Lechon Captions for Instagram

Hola! Lechon is just the food we have been craving for. #Lechon

The whole roast is what I simply love.

Fresh orange juice and olive oil make the roast taste even better.

Seasoning the inside will always bring out a rich aroma. #seasoning

Make the Lechon the chief attraction.

Ever tried the Cebu variant? It’s simply mind-blowing. #Cebu

A Lechon is any palate’s pride.

Lechon roasted in the oven is safer than the charcoal-cooked one. #roasted

Lechon Lechon Lechon Lechon……… #onlyLechon

For the meat enthusiast, this will make you spellbound. #enthusiast

Fragile. Meat. Handle with care.

So a scrumptious meal, a Lechon is really. #scrumptuous

Pulled and smoked is what I enjoy. #enjoy

Let’s chill. We make something on the grill.

Just a helping. And then you are on your way – for more.

Our family recipe is what we follow. #recipe

Barbeque is what we are doing to the piglet tonight. Lechon for dinner.

Principally pork, but a delicate delicacy you will enjoy. #pork

It must be roasted to be tasted.

It is so simple. And yet so tasty. #tasty

So beautifully cooked, you will not leave till you are full to your head.

Nothing synthetic in my Lechon. #Lechon

This is my grandma’s recipe. #garndmother

Even the conquistadors loved this dish.

It has been so popular across most Spanish-speaking countries.

Crazy for roasts. Crazier for Lechon. #crazy

This is one of those food items that will increase your greed. #greed

We can leave anything in the world to get this Lechon. #leave anything

Feeling so possessive of roasts right now.

Charcoal BBQ. Meat. Fire. Beer. Friends. That’s life. #thatislife

Meant for foodies only. #foodies

That pig was meant for me alone.

If you haven’t tried Lechon in the Philippines you have seriously missed something great.

Charcoal roasted will bring out that special flavor you have wanted so badly. #charcoal

Try some Lechon and fall in love instantly. #instantlove

Skewered whole and roasted in a charcoal pit. And still tastes fantastic. #skewered

The crunchy golden skin and the juicy tender meat are simply a gourmet’s delight.

To love Lechon means you love pork. #pork

Oh my God! True love for Lechon is very hard to find.

I am just loving it. You will too. Try some now. #lovingit

Can you hear the happiness in the air?

Feel the taste. Fill your tummy. And stay satisfied for quite a long time.

So soft, so crispy. So juicy. So lovable. #goodfood

Smoking cool food these Lechons are.

Let’s meat together. Then we will hang out for a time.

Funny Lechon Captions

If you get the same taste elsewhere, know that the chef there must be my family.

Sop up your plate. It is that great. #sop

Squeeze me in. just a little will do. #squeeze

And you didn’t believe that this was the meat of some sort? #meat

Pig roast? And you said no? My god!

The rich flavor will blow your mind.

The most authentic Lechon in town. #authentic

Serving the family Lechon – just like that.

A traditional recipe in our family. #traditional

The flavor is so much more appealing when Lechon’s served on fresh-cut banana leaves. #flavor

The main reason our family has stuck together – because of dishes like this one. #family

The one and only reason for visiting this joint. Their Lechon is just too good.

Lechon will make you greedier than ever. #Lechon

Cannot think of any food better than Lechon.

Lechon is an obsession. #obsession

It’s smoking good to your tongue.

This fiery delight is my most favorite. #favorite

A good dose of garlic does the trick to my Lechon.

The roasted pig on a spit is what makes my day. #roasted

The skin should be crispy, the meat inside must be juicy.

Lechon and kinilaw are forever. #kinilaw

The secret is in making portions at a time rather than a whole pig at once.

Any discerning connoisseur will just fall in love with this one. #connoisseur

Lechon forever. Lechon’s the best. At least my favorite.

Cebu Lechon is arguably the best-tasting Lechon in the world. #besttaste

What an item the Spaniards invented.

If you love it, you are true to everyone. #true

The best Lechons ever are from this kitchen alone.

I like it medium rare please. #mediumrare

You are a poet. The kitchen’s your page. The Lechon is your creation.

Come in and fall in love with the Lechon I have made you. #fallinlove

Join us for a great Christmas Lechon dinner.

You won’t believe us till you have tried some yourself. #belief

Wow! Lechon, glazed peas, and wine.

Pork roast Spanish style. I am in. #spanish

 I can eat this every day of the week. #everyday

With the correct herbs and spices for seasoning, these Lechons will be the talk of the event.

We have been serving Lechon for the last 70 years. #serving

Our Lechon is a specialty everyone loves to taste. #specialty

We pride ourselves over this dish as the recipe has been a secret within the family for generations.

Care to have some Lechon and red wine?

Primarily a dish to fascinate any gourmet. #gourmet

Satisfying my hunger, but not my desire. #satisfy

Greed for roasted pork belly knows no bounds. #greed

I am a serious Lechon freak.

The juicy inside and the crispy outside are what make this such a special treat. #juicy

If it isn’t smoked, it can’t be a Lechon.

Glaze it with some honey and keep pouring rum all over it. #glazedLechon

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