List of 38+ Best Lay’s Brand Slogans

A very popular brand of potato chips, Lay’s was launched in 1932 in the USA. The brand was also known as Frito – Lay’s earlier till 1965.

The current owner of the brand is PepsiCo which is marketing the product globally. A host of celebrities have remained as its brand ambassadors.

Lay’s Brand Slogans

Love to love it 

Betcha can’t eat just one

The real flavors of life

One taste and classic you are in love

Baked 65% less fat

Just potatoes all-natural oil and a dash of salt

Happiness is simple

You just can’t help yourself 

Lay it on me baby

Taste bud heaven

Lay’s get your smile on 

All the taste half the calories

Vote now for America’s yummiest flavour

All-natural ingredients crafted with care

Smiling right back at you

Do us a flavour — choose your chip

Made with real potatoes with real and flavourful taste

Chaat street too good

Main kon hun batana to nahi parega

One crunch and you are in love

Your faves are on the way

Pal banaye magical

Just smile

India’s magic masala

A handful of sunshine 

No one can eat just one lagi bet

What’s the programme?

My flavour is kachi Ambi. Give us yours

2 to 1 you can’t eat just one

Bursting with more BBQ flavour

Swiggy to snack

Lay’s legends

We have joined the flavour team

We make it natural you make it fun

# Little joys of life 

Tastebud heaven

Create something big from something small

If you find anything else inside our bag it is called our hand

Savour your summer moments

Saltier than your best friend

Keep calm and have a LAY

Wafer style

Maxx taste maxx crunch

Ek smile se banaa diya star

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