150+ Catchy Law Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Law is the thing that can make or break the whole system of a country. Law Day is held on May 1st every year to celebrate the role of law in society. This day also recognizes the importance of law in the foundation of a country. The aim of this day is to spread awareness about the importance of law.

Funny Law Captions for Instagram

-Law is made for everybody regardless of poor & rich people – maintain the law properly to maintain the decorum of society.

-Abide rules and law for a safe, disciplined & peaceful society. #peacefulsociety

-Law is made for making a society better place to live in. #betterplace

-Law is made for mankind to justify, value &punish against crime – have a happy Law Day.

-Law will satisfy your soul If you follow it –build a peaceful society. #peaceful

-Law tells us about equality and unity – abide it to lead a peaceful life. #equality

-A nation cannot prosper without following laws –people need to maintain it. #prosper

-Laws are not burden of life – rather it is the reason of flawlessness. #flawlessness

-Law is the ladder of society by following which you can go a step ahead. #ladder

-Law is the keeper of society –It keeps a society peaceful. #peaceful

-Laws need to be changed according to the need of society –it makes a society more alive.

-Laws enlighten the path of nation – get rid of darkness – let’s abide it. #happylawday

-Realize the importance of law in society and let’s abide it. #importanceoflaw

-Laws are made for brighten the society – it’s our duty to follow it. #brighten

-A society is bound by laws as laws preserve the society – let’s celebrate the Law Day greatly. #boundbylaws

-For existence of a society law is much needed – without laws mess occurs – it’s our responsibilities to obey law. #obey

-Let’s conserve the law of our society by obeying it – let’s celebrate the Law Day. #conserve

-To maintain the decorum of the society it’s needed to obey what law says –best wishes on Law Day.

-Laws are there for a healthier society – not to terrify the society – happy Law Day. #healthier

-The only way to bring justice is implementation of law – have a lawful society. #happylawday

-Law deals with implementation of discipline in life – respect law – have a happy Law Day. #discipline

-The aim of the law is to guide and take care of society – abide law – best wishes on Law Day. #takecare

-It is not expected to abolish law at the end – it must be preserved for leading a peaceful life. #happylawday

-The biggest purpose of law is to secure the happiness of the society – have a happy Law Day. #happiness

-Law is controller of the society – without law society will experience harm –let’s celebrate the Law Day greatly.

-Law signifies a hopeful &manifested society – let’s obey law to prosper. #happylawday

-Law shows nation the way of stepping ahead – let’s celebrate the Law Day greatly. #way

-Law tells how to enjoy liberty – have a happy Law Day. #liberty

-Let’s realize the importance of law in the society & let’s come together to celebrate the Law Day greatly. #importanceoflaw

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