List of 43+ Best Lancome Brand Slogans

Founded in 1935 in Paris, Lancome is a subsidiary of L’Oreal, one of the biggest names in the fashion world universally. Lancome is a distributor of skincare, fragrance, and other such niche products internationally.

International celebrities like Kate Winslet, Uma Thorman, and Drew Barrymore have worked for the brand. 

Lancome Brand Slogans

Declaring happiness

What makes a woman feel beautiful

The ultimate eye care duo

Love your lips rogue in Love

Now Aura is our science

The more I live the younger I am

Turn up your lips with gliding sensual shine

The makeup miracle flawless skin lit from within

The most beautiful eyes have a secret

Dreams of enchanting colours

Beyond classic, lifting

Feel the vibration, see the growth

Youth is in your genes Reactivate it

Awaken your look – ignite your passion for colour

A perfect cocktail of nourishing oils

Fanned out lashes divine curves

Truly perfect

Exceptionally re plumped lips

Youthful radiance in just seven days

Turn on your power to hypnotise

Confidence on your skin

Super serum

Colour fever

France has a word for beauty

Absolutely voluptuous lips exceptionally replenished

Activate ten signs of youth 

Beauty in real life

Ultimate regeneration power

Match the moment Capture the mood

Sensible body beauty treatments

Mouth-watering shine 

Activate and illuminate

Custom made foundation

Brilliant comes true as you wish

The perfect fragrance for the holiday season

Eye luminosity the visible sign of youth

Youth infused eyes it’s wide-eyed wake-up call

Our vision of skin perfection

Let our experts unlock your skin’s potential

Miracle — you make it happen

Glow with a drop of Lancome

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