List of 25+ Best Kwality Walls Brand Slogans

Established in 1956, Kwality Walls is one of the most popular ice cream and dessert brands marketed by the Mumbai based Hindusthan Unilever currently. Apart from India, the brand is also marketed in Bhutan, Brunei, Nepal, Srilanka, and Malaysia. The name has featured under India’s most trusted brands. 

Kwality Walls Brand Slogans

Ho Jaye dil ka connection

Connector of hearts.

The new Uni cornetto in our first ever purple cone

Enjoy the ride love the ending

When real fruit meets real love

Lemon blast

Naya pataka

Enjoy a wonder pass every day

Now creamier

Create your own happiness

Sip slurp savour

So Alphonso Mango

Soft and creamy

Drives your senses crazy

Let’s you forget your age

Goodbye serious

This summer more trees

Instantly disappears

Start your love story

What do you do to unwind

Make your loved one’s heart twirl with Kwality Walls swirl

Thick tasty yummy

Show your love —- share a cornetto

Start a love story share a Cornetto

Pleasure up

Made with real watermelon

Lajawab creamy lajawab pineapple

One great lick leads to another

Have a feast right here

What is your level of happiness

Pleasure on every scoop

Life is uncertain — eat dessert first

Zindagi non-stop

A little bit of happiness for you

Happiness is essential

Chill Grill —- tastefully prepared delightfully served

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