100+ Catchy Kombucha Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

The best way to get popularity for the posts you have in mind is through social media. And when these posts are accompanied by killer captions, they will gain a lot more likes and followers as well. Here are some killer captions for your posts on Kombucha.

Kombucha Captions for Instagram

The one that guarantees your good health. #guarantee

How you make it is what matters. You can always make it to suit your taste.

Sipping at it all through the day. You can see the visibly different me after a month.

Kombucha works wonders for your body. I have a cup every day. Do you? #wonderful

The aroma itself is so heady. And the natural alcohol in it comes from light fermentation.

Every time I drink this tea I seem to be re-energized.

Surprise yourself within a month. Gift yourself a pack today.

Why I drink it? It’s great as a digestive. #digestive

What a delightful way to liven up your system.

A tea that will bring everything positive into your life. #positive

Begin my day with this. And end my day with this. #beginandend

It is fermented and best had a little sweetened.

Live stress-free and enjoy life to the fullest. Have a cup today.

Recommended by health and wellness experts. Even I recommend this tea.

Living life to the fullest. Drinking kombucha. #kombucha

There are so many different flavors to choose from. #flavor

Make this tea your best friend. You will never regret it.

This is the most effective tea I have ever had.

This tea will keep you satisfied and happy at the same time. #happy

This tea is usually dark brown, but I like the pale brown variant better.

At first, it may taste funny. After a time you get used to it.

This tea has therapeutic effects as well. And other health benefits. #therapeutic

Oh. I must have forgotten to list out the benefits. It is simply a great tea.

Almonds on one hand, and kombucha on the other – being healthy.

A tea that I will recommend everyone to try.

Want to live a better and healthier life? Drink this tea for sure and watch your life take a better turn.

This tea is rare to come across. So be ready to buy it at the first opportunity.

I really enjoy my tea sitting in a quiet spot appreciating the views across the horizon.

This one helped me get back in shape. #shape

I promise myself I will have a cup, but I never have till just now. And it is good.

This tea will make you happy for good. And healthy too.

This is my special cup. I use it only to drink that special tea. #special

Get on the brighter side of life. Let this tea help you with that.

This tea is a little effervescent and sometimes a little fermented too.

This is an absolute stress buster. And it actually will keep you happy.

Have a cup daily and see the effects unfold in a month. #effective

Keep sipping at it at regular intervals – all through the day.

You can drink it as iced tea as well. And as normal tea too.

This tea will freshen you up in a jiffy. Drink it and see for yourself.

All it takes is just a cup a day. That’s all. See the difference in a month.

It is the tea that will keep your body detoxed and in good shape. #detox

Have a cup of kombucha daily and live a fit and healthy life.

Be wise. Eat wisely. Drink wisely. Live wisely. #wise

It really was a great idea for me to switch to kombucha.

This is how I awaken my senses. And it helps for real. #help

It has an immense ability to help in digestion. And it detoxes your body as well.

This tea doesn’t need tasting. It is tested already. And time tested too. #tasting

Kombucha tea can be either green tea or black tea. Just so long as it is kombucha tea.

It doesn’t matter how much you have it. It depends on how you have it.

Any time is tea time. Especially for my kombucha, any time is tea time. #teatime

Funny Kombucha Captions

The wonders of a fresh and lovely morning. #wonders

Remain in a fantastic and happy mood always. #goodmood

Helps you keep an open mind. And an open soul. #open

I keep sipping a little all through the day. It is quite healthy.

Be an exception and drink an exception. Exceptions make a difference in this world.

After a time you will feel like you are addicted. That is actually your habit. You aren’t really addicted.

Start your mornings with a cup of this herbal tea. #herbal

The culture of bacteria and yeast actually makes this tea different.

The most beneficial tea of all. Helps with ketosis as well. #beneficial

Kombucha cures many ailments for good. And keeps you healthy and fit.

Naturally fermented. With added herbs to enhance the good effects.

It isn’t kombucha if it is not slightly fermented. #fermented

This is the strictest regime I have followed to get back in shape. It really has worked.

It is so easy to make. And so good for your health. #easy

The tea will wake you up all refreshed and recharged.

I just love this tea. It has even brought a glow to my skin too.

This tea is so refreshing. You can actually feel it liven you up with every sip.

If you love yourself you will begin drinking this tea. #loveyourself

Starting off the day with a cup of this healthy tea. #healthy

Live a long and healthy life. Drink this variety regularly. #healthylife

Sipping away to get back in good health. And I can already feel the difference.

This tea can make your life so much happier than ever.

Just a dash of sugar will do the trick. #sugar

No more bowel problems once you begin drinking this tea.

This green tea becomes pale brown after boiling. #greentea

This tea is packed with benefits for the body.

Chilling out with a cup of kombucha. #kombucha

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