List of 25+ Best Kissan Brand Slogans

Whenever one thinks of jams, jelly, sauce and Ketchup the first brand to come in the mind of young and old alike is that of Kissan.

Kissan was established by the Britishers in 1935, who sold their stakes to Mr Vital Mallya in 1950m and currently owned by HUL.

Kissan Brand Slogans

Just lagao kooch bhi khao

Ab pao fruits ka khatta meetha blast Kissan ke saath

Spread the flavour

Orange blast 

Strawberry blast

Health in every bite

Kissan jam’s law of appetitie

Fruit vitamins A B C

India’s number 1 ketchup

Tomatoes ko mila red chillies ka jhatka


Monstrawberry delight

Tomatoes with a twist of chilli

Is your ketchup made of 100% real tomatoes  — mine is

Idli disappears with Kissan jam

Welcome to Kissanpur

At the centre of brother-sister tug of war since ages

Taste and health go hand in hand with Kissan jam

Berry blast

That’s my jam

What makes your fruit very appetising

Where what you grow is what you eat

Complete every bite with Kissan

Roti disappears with Kissan jam

Your life is incomplete without Spunky

Drink your fruit

Live the life you love

The new Kissan chatakdar ketchup

Open the taste of joy

8 fruits ka yummy taste

Be 100% with 100% real fruits

Presenting naya  Kissan topical blast

Har bacchey ki pasand kissan jam

Where nature blooms out of a bottle cap

Get the taste of joy

Taste the bright side

Wholeness of a mixed fruit with da delicious spread

Experience the REAL

Made with 100% fresh tomatoes

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