List of 15+ Best Killer Jeans Brand Slogans

Manufactured by the Mumbai based  Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited which was formally launched in 1981, Killer jeans is one of the few branded Western-style apparel which has made headlines. The bulk of the customers are in India and the Middle East with manufacturing facilities under ISO 9000 conditions. 

Killer Jeans Brand Slogans

Strip the summer

What’s your cut?

Water saver jeans

Worship the night

I am not stuck just because I am behind a desk

Move to the beats of the jungle

The world is your ramp

When in doubt we multitask

Change the normal

There are enough people to screw why the planet

Rock or water

 Makes an impact but not on your budget

A fine stitch

Let’s un water — World water day

Celebrate the easy-going Indian in you

Change the style of your celebration 

Be a rainmaker 

The killer inside me

People will stare make it worth their while

I don’t believe my jeans should kill people. Do you?

The unbuttoned

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