List of 30+ Best Kia Motors Brand Slogans

1944 founded Kia Motors with its head office at Seoul is the second-largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea. The company has a marketing presence throughout the globe except for Japan and North Korea. In an interesting development, Kia and its nearest competitor Hyundai have stakes in each other’s shares. 

Kia Motors Brand Slogans

Give it everything

The power to surprise

We don’t pay customers to write good reviews

An absolute dream to drive

The Kia Sorento takes loads away

The new Kia Sportage – a bit more adventurous

Economy everyone can enjoy

Attraction. Your attention

The new face of style and comfort

There’s always room for more

Take back your youth

The new Kia Niro family—There’s nothing like a Niro

Kia Soul – a new way to roll

Beneath the stylish exterior lies the heart of a champion

Performance art in motion

Get the car of your childhood dream

Merging the comfort and sanity of MPV

Ready for sheer extravagance

Indulge your desires

A new way to soul

Value never looked so good

Plain tech auto body warranty

The hand that conducts great music chooses a Kia

Magical inspirations stunning designs

Youth has no age

The thrill of the journey

I want a car with more grrr

Quality comes standard

Turn back time

KIA Carnival

Brilliance is performance and style


Inspired by the Badass in you

Extravagant by design

Not your average mid-size sedan

We are here for you

He designed some of the best European cars === That is why he is working for KIA

Drive to different beat

#Run for the surprise and win

Get prequalified instantly

Leasing vs buying a car

Every part is essential

Difference is good

Fuelled with passion and performance

An unbeatable cass

I am different —- Kiya

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