List of 18+ Best Khadi Brand Slogans

Khadi is a natural handwoven fibre prevalent mainly in the Indian subcontinent specifically in India, Bangladesh and recently Pakistan. It is also known as khaddar mainly in the East and the North East. There is a separate ministry under the Government of India today to look after its affairs.

Khadi Brand Slogans

Beauty is enduring

Beauty is immortal

Beauty is eternal

Beauty is ageless

Transform your lifestyle with Khadi India’s handcrafted and eco-friendly merchandise

Crafting the dreams of a new India

Be the light for others this Diwali

Get the hang of ethnic Khadi wear

Khadi — a symbol of self-dignity

Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy taken a step ahead

Does she make a difference in your life?

Khadi skincare – get your own type of skin

 Pure traditional organique

Fabric of freedom

Khadi fabric – fashion of India

Khadi – a symbol of self dignity

Khadi – the fabric of freedom and harmony

Khadi beckons with the purest product range

We have got you covered NATURALLY

Khadi for nation — Khadi for fashion

Khadi —- nearest to nature

Khadi — ek vichaar

Fellow feeling with every human being on earth

Look beautiful naturally with Khadi

Woven wonders

Khadi apnao desh barao

Khadi – the common thread between the Haute and the humble

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