List of 30+ Best KFC Brand Slogans

The second-largest restaurant chain in the world, KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken as it is known to all the foodies in the world started off in 1930 at Kentucky. The company opened its first franchisee in 1952 at Salt Lake City. It has more than 23000 outlets globally today. 

KFC Brand Slogans

Our finger-licking

Finger lickin good

What the Cluck

It’s not just big its EPIC

It’s all about foooood

Magical Mondays

Get ready for a royal feast

Tom Yum Crunch

Think inside the bucket

Serving up soul

A dinner worth getting excited about the world’s best chicken

You’re a snack wanna cluck

Ginger lickin WIN

Spice things up taste glory

It will blow your mind away

Anything but ordinary

Same taste now cooked in Canola oil

Finger lickin drumsticks

Ignite your taste buds

Scroll through 

I ate the bones

Why cry over spilled milk

Make tonight Mother’s day

There is a SO GOOD solution for that

Battle of the KFC wings

It’s back  it’s better  it’s toasted

Chicken on a bed of chicken

KFC Bloody gravy

Not Rendang

The Double down dog

Try one before you turn vegan

So tasty you just can’t stop

Hits you can eat

Hard breakfast soft breakfast no breakfast

You can have it all

All. Of. This

He’ll give you a rest during the rush

Bites the boredom unleash the fun

Junking the jungle 

Some call it Fried Gold We call it Kentucky Fried Chicken

Beyond fried chicken — a Kentucky fried miracle

Share the taste share the passion

Crunchy juicy chicken Extra crispy

Spicy chicken that’ll knock

#Dil mein grill

All chicken no bun

Dil se re

New curry crunch

Fiery grilled — sets you on fire

World’s tastiest chicken

Gobble up KFC Vouchers


Real meal deal

The ultimate saving bucket

So veg so good

Chicken ka sartaj in the city of TAJ

KFC – now that’s a wow

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