Top 31+ Best Keyboard Brands in the World

Playing a keyboard helps to reduce stress and it improves split attention. With so many keyboard brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top keyboard brands in the globe.

Keyboard Brands in the World

Yamaha Corporation

Country: Japan

This Japanese transnational firm and partnership with a very broad expanse of commodities and services are one of the biggest corporations of piano manufacturing in the globe. The old motorcycle sector was created as Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in 1955 which began as a corresponding corporation.

Roland Corporation

Country: Japan

This Japanese factory of software, electric equipment, and electronic musical instruments was created in 1972 in Osaka by Ikutaro Kakehashi. As of 2005, the department of this brand was situated in Shizuoka Prefecture. They have manufacturers in the USA and Taiwan, Japan. They hired 2,699 workers in 2010.


Country: Japan

This Japanese firm was introduced as Keio Electronic Laboratories and produces electronic tuners, recording equipment, guitar pedals, and audio processors, and electronic musical instruments. Under the trademark Vox, Korg also trades electric guitars and guitar amplifiers.


Country: Japan

This Japanese transnational marketable electronics and consumer electronics specializes in corporation’s stocks including mobile phones, electronic musical instruments, calculators, digital cameras, and digital watches. The office of this corporation is situated in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It was created in 1946. Casio generated various accessible residence electronic keyboards for instrumentalists in the 1980s.


Country: Sweden

The Digital Percussion Plate 1 manufactured by the creator Hans Nordelius in 1983. The Nord manufacturer is situated in the productive region of Stockholm known as SoFo, in the neighborhood of Södermalm. It carries three stories of a former business brick constructing close to the main music store area.


Country: United States

This American firm specializes in electronic musical instruments. Kurzweil was created by Bruce Cichowlas (software developer), Ray Kurzweil (innovator), and Stevie Wonder (musician) in 1982. It was an innovator of reading devices for the blind, and their corporation utilized several technologies initially manufactured for reading devices.


Country: United States 

Laurens Hammond and John M. Hanert invented this electric organ in 1935. Several models have been manufactured, most of which utilize slipping drawbars to different sounds. 

Kawai Musical Instruments 

Country: Japan

This musical instrument producing corporation has its department in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. Kawai Musical Instruments is primarily recognized for its electronic synthesizers, electronic keyboards, upright pianos, and grand pianos. The firm was organized in 1927. They are committed to producing satisfactory quality grand pianos inequality with Steinway, Fazioli, etc.


Country: United States

This American firm markets and manufactures professional audio, drum machines, recording equipment, Amplifiers digital audio interfaces, Drum Amplifiers, audio mixers, digital audio processors, electronic musical instruments, and electronic percussion commodities. With locations in Cumberland, Rhode Island, it is a corporation of inMusic Brands. Their commodities are produced in China. 


Country: United States

Asheville, North Carolina-based this American corporation generates electronic musical instruments. Robert Moog and his father created the company as R. A. Moog Co. in 1953 and was retitled Moog Music in 1972. Their first instruments included many Moog modular synthesizers, the first retail synthesizer in the world.


Country: United States

With departments in Malvern, Pennsylvania this American factory of electronics is primarily popular for manufacturing musical instruments throughout the mid-1980s and 1990s, especially synthesizers and samplers.  Ensoniq WAs created in 1982. 


Country: South Korea 

This corporation of home electronics is associated with South Korean Winnie Group. Created in 1971, Daewoo has since developed into an international industry with over 64 manufacturing research, sites, and growth and trades centers in over 40 nations worldwide. UK-based corporation Daewoo Electronics Exchanges was created in 1993. 


Country: Italy

Osimo, Italy-based this factory of electronics is typically united with a series of small electronic components. Presently, they largely manufacture intercom networks with the corporation ACI Farfisa which creates and supplies systems for home automation, video surveillance, access control, and video intercoms. The keyboard department of this brand is owned by the Bontempi group.

Arp Instruments

Country: United States

This US-based factory of electronic musical instruments was created in 1969 by Alan Robert Pearlman. It built a prominent and commercially profitable expanse of synthesizers throughout the 1970s. The corporation received prominence for manufacturing innovative instruments, excellent sounding, and was awarded many inventions for the technology it created.


Country: United States

This US-based factory of wooden toys, dolls, and toy piano was created by German woodcarver and immigrant Albert Schoenhut as the A. Schoenhut Company in Philadelphia in 1872. The firm started with producing toy pianos and shortly broadened to other toys such as circus figures, dollhouses, and dolls. In 1912, the corporation had developed to become the biggest corporation of toys in America. 

Sequential Circuits

Country: United States

This USA-based corporation of a synthesizer was created by Dave Smith as Sequential Circuits in 1974. The Prophet-5, the introductory programmable polyphonic synthesizer was launched by this company in 1978. It was utilized by artists including John Carpenter, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. The departments of this company are in San Francisco, California, U.S.


Country: Germany

This Sino-German factory specializes in pianos, keyboards, and electronic organs. They were utilized by players such as the late Klaus Wunderlich and Franz Lambert. Their new expanse of instruments is sponsored by the OAS. This GUI operates on the lid of a Windows XP computer, facilitating the keyboard to benefit third-party programs, such as digital audio workstations, software synthesizers, and music notation programs.


Country: Italy

Mondaino, Italy-based this musical instrument factory was created by Marcello Galanti in 1969 but the corporation was inaugurated by his forefather Antonio Galanti in the late 19th century. Since then their main concentration has been on digital pianos and classic organs. Now, their production and R&D recreation is situated in Italy. 

Access Music / Virus

Country: Germany

The German corporation Access Music GmbH manufactured this virtual analog synthesizer. It was mainly created in 1997 and has since been boosted continually, with the corporation launching current models. The first models include Virus C, Virus B, Virus A series, each accessible in several hardware formats. 


Country: United Kingdom

Based in London this music technology corporation is mainly recognized for its high tech musical devices, especially the Seaboard. In 2009, Businessman and American-born musician Roland Lamb introduced this brand. Their instruments have been utilized by performers including Hans Zimmer, A. R. Rahman and Grimes. 


Country: Japan

This is a Japanese corporation of the Panasonic firm that specializes in audio appliances. Panasonic has designed an assortment of hi-fi merchandises including amplifiers, tape decks, speakers, turntables, receivers and CD players under the label for retail in many areas since 1965.


Country: Malaysia 

This Malaysia-based company has been producing musical devices utilizing conventional craftsmanship since the 1980s. Their expanse of products spans from Keyboards to Synthesizers as well as MIDI Controllers and MIDI Pedals. 

Modal Electronics

Country: United Kingdom

With departments in Bristol, the United Kingdom this British corporation was created in 2013. The mystery of their commodities and the enthusiasm they arouse in performers, founders, and players are that they provide a completely new synth knowledge to push productive limitations beyond their significance quo.

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