7 Key Principles of Designing a Perfect Logo

The main intention of designing a logo is to represent your brand to your audience perfectly while also making you stand out from the rest. While looking at your company’s logo, your audience might think of a couple of things, whether they desire the service or product and whether they like to purchase it in the long run.  The logo design principles will allow you to do that. 

The logo designing process becomes simple when it is approached with a solid plan, experience, and knowledge. It is of prime importance to know regarding the graphic design principles so as to create something astounding. Then you need to figure out your clients and what you would like to convey to them. 

Below we have mentioned some logo designing principles that ought to be followed for making a successful and effective logo. So, let us not waste time and look at the 6 principles right below:


It is important for a logo to be simple since it will help the logo to become simple to work with. The logo should be visible and clear while conveying your philosophy in the best possible manner. For instance, take the case of the Nike logo which is as simple as a swoosh. It is the simplest logo you will ever come across. 

You ought to choose the typefaces, graphics, and the color options sensibly. Try to figure out whether the logo of yours consists of overlapping images, shadings, and letters. Bear in mind that a great logo will never be overcrowded with various elements. Also, you must make use of the white space sensibly. It is important for the elements of your logo to breathe properly such that the logo is able to stand out successfully. 


Your logo should be able to maintain its originality and attract the attention of your target audience. Moreover, it should remain in the minds of your customers for a long time to come. Try to think of all those unforgettable logos that come in your mind including those of Apple, Starbucks, UPS, and many more. 

It might be the fact that we remember them for we see them all the time and also because they are original. In fact, successful logos are going to stand out from the rest by being original, different, and also unforgettable. It is important for your logo to create an impression at the first glance such that individuals will have the faith and dependency on your brand. 

While creating a unique logo an artist has to comprehend consumer design flawlessly. He should be able to respond to all your logo objectives while creating something really original out there.


It is important for your logo to be versatile since it has got a big job in hand. It should be able to adorn all your products, the detailed ads, shop signage, and many more. Think of every place where you’d like to use the logo and ensure that it appears great in every single case.

A simple and easily identifiable logo can help it to become versatile. A responsive logo will also allow it to get the same effect. In fact, responsive logos happen to be extremely adaptive and they come with different variations of complexity, color, or even size.

Your logo must be able to cope with any background or color. This implies that it should look great in monochrome without any effect. Try to find out whether it is still memorable and unique and whether it is able to carry the voice of your company.


It is essential for the logo to adapt to virtually any size. It should be able to take the size of a tiny pen and it should also go well on a giant billboard. In fact, it should be scalable so as to represent your brand virtually anywhere. It is important for a scalable logo to appear good and make sense at virtually any size irrespective of whether it is printed on a big poster on a small business card. In case an excessive amount of detail is included in the logo, you will find it difficult to scale it down.

It is imperative for the designer to create the logo in vector format so as to achieve scalability. Vector files are meant to be scalable and therefore will enable your logo to appear sharp once it is enlarged significantly.

Balance and proportion

Balanced designs are always regarded by human beings to be beautiful. Your logo must be properly balanced when it comes to the various elements that constitute it. By the term “proportion”, we prefer to the weight of every element that constitutes the logo. The proportions should be proper from the practical perspective and it should help to make your logo make sense.

The symmetrical logos happen to be balanced by means of elements which are weighted equally and which align on both sides of a central line. On the contrary, the asymmetrical logos can likewise be balanced making use of opposite weights for creating an uneven composition in spite of having equilibrium.


A logo, which is timeless will appear to be good now and before 10 years as well. While designing the logo, try to opt for a classic look. Epic logos happen to be timeless since they focus on rules and logo principles, which are going to last instead of what everybody else is doing at present.

While your business might grow and change, the logo holding your fundamental ideals and objectives is going to remain current. Although something might appear to be sensible in the present cultural sphere and might allow your logo to get recognition for the time being, might lose significance in the near future. Something which speaks for you sensibly is going to remain by your side.


Your logo helps to reflect the face and voice of your brand. It is an integral part of your business and therefore it is your responsibility to create it in a very thoughtful manner. Hopefully, these above-mentioned 6 logo designing principles will help you to design your logo in a flawless manner. It does not matter whether you are designing the logo on your own or have employed a graphic designer for getting the job done remember to keep these 6 principles in mind at all times.


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