100+ Kelpie Captions For All Social Media

The Australian Kelpie, also known as just a kelpie, is a breed that was originally used for work purposes. It has the capability of carrying out intense labor, and it can be quite a privilege to have a Kelpie at home as your pet. If you do so, here are some captions that will help you when you post a picture of your Kelpie on any of your social media handles.

Short Kelpie dog captions:

-At times, I wonder where my dog gets his energy from.

-My Kelpie is one of the most hard-working, active, and wonderful dogs I have ever come across.

-You must have heard that a kelpie needs a diligent owner, but sadly I am not the one.

-His active lifestyle leaves me wondering where he got so much energy from.

-Ever since my pet has walked into our house, everyone has turned into the happiest version of themselves.

-I do not think there is anything else I could have wished for to the Almighty in this lifetime.

-I want to send a big thank you to the universe for blessing me with such a versatile pet as this.

-My Kelpie has his ways around people; not everybody gets the hang of it.

-I wonder how I turned into an animal lover, whereas I was never fond of them in my teenage years.

-This dog will leave you with having no choice but to love and adore him.

-I wish I had the exact words to be used as a caption for him, but he makes my heart so full that I lack them right now.

-No word in the English dictionary can do justice to the bond that I share with my kelpie dog.

-My Kelpie dog is the last best thing that has happened to me in the longest time.

Funny Kelpie dog captions:

-You all might find him to be cute or otherwise, but you all do not have any idea about what he can do when he’s bored.

-My Kelpie means so much to me and the rest of the family that he is already considered to be a human just like us.

-He ends up causing a great ruckus and puts me into trouble whenever he is bored.

-I used to wonder why my pet loved me every time he looked at me, but now I know that he believes that my life is a joke.

-I wish any of you could come to my place and see me chasing him as the world has fallen apart.

-I hope my parents know that she has already replaced me as the cutest member of the family.

-My Kelpie can move mountains, but he would not move an inch the very moment that I need him to.

-I wonder how my pet can work tirelessly all day long, whereas walking up to the kitchen to bring the food to my room makes me feel like going through death.

-I wish I was half as funny as my pet thinks me to be.

-To have found a brother and a best buddy in the disguise of a kelpie was absolute luck by chance for me.

-I wish the social media world knew how much he annoys me every day.

-My dog needs a good run every day, but unfortunately, I am the laziest person when it comes to all this stuff.

-The Australian Kelpie is known to be a territorial dog, but I wonder how he loses this quality every time he’s around me.

-I wish my jokes could be half as funny as my captions.

Kelpie dog captions for Instagram:

-The world of Instagram was not ready for such a hot-headed pet as mine.

-I am thinking of opening a new account solely for him.

-I believe a lot of people are interested in his whereabouts.

-My kelpie dog has turned into quite an internet sensation these days.

-He and I are thankful to all of our friends and followers for the love that you people have been showering on us for over all these years now.

-I never knew that an aggressive and hot-headed pet like mine could turn into so user-friendly. #lovable

-Everyone loves him so much that I am wondering if I am the one who is missing out on something.

-I may be locking horns with him now and then, but I have to accept that my pet knows his way around people in general and my family members in particular.

-The Australian Kelpie is so intelligent that he can end up putting his parents into doubt. #smart

-It has always been an easy task around him because of his intelligence, hard-working capability, as well as diligence.

-It has never been a tough time around my Australian Kelpie because he has always been supportive and cooperative, unlike the rumors about his breed.

-I wish more people get to know him and send him all the love and greetings.

-We are thankful to our Instagram family for showering us with so much love and affection. #spreadlove

Kelpie dog captions for Facebook:

-It has been quite a long time now, so my pet wanted to drop a visit to his Facebook account.

-Hey, my dog just wanted to know how all of you are doing.

-Sometimes, home is not four walls or a heartbeat, but two eyes and a wagging tail.

-This is where I find the peace of my life. #truehappiness

-My pet seems like the missing piece of a puzzle that I had been longing to solve.

-He is that ingredient that spices up the entire recipe of life.

-Ever since he has walked into our lives, we have had no time to sit and stare.

-Little things add up to greater moments, and I am grateful that I get to share them with him.

-To train him was quite an ordeal, but what you did with him is a better one.

-He must have been a tough nut to crack, but I’m so glad that we have him in our family.

-Bringing him home was probably the best decision that I have ever made by myself.

-The world of social media will never know how much it takes for a parent to see his bed growing up in front of his own eyes.

-I hope I can make all of you happy by sharing snippets from his everyday life. #dailyupdate

-He is no special pet, but he makes every ordinary moment extraordinary for the rest of the family and me.

-All of us are blessed to have him amidst us.

-He has turned into the apple of my grandmother’s eyes; I wonder what is next.

Kelpie dog captions for Twitter:

-My pet wanted to drop a visit into my Twitter account as well. #hellofrommypet

-My Kelpie is that chapter in the book of my life that I would want to read out loud in front of a room filled with the audience.

-Life is a crazy journey with its share of ups and downs, and I’m so glad that I get to share every moment with him by my side.

-The Kelpie dog must be difficult to train with, but once he learns the grip of it, there is no looking back.

-I feel blessed to have been in the vicinity of such an amazing dog as mine. #blessed

-No wonder everyone on social media, as well as in real life, falls in love with him the moment they see him.

-Although he is intelligent and smart enough, he always needs to be under supervision so that he does not lose his calm.

-My pet can be as sweet as an angel, but sometimes, he turns as rough as the devil.

-I have utmost respect and gratitude for the Almighty for blessing me with such a wonderful gift is this. #thankful

-Ever since he has turned into a member of our house, life has only taken us in the right direction.

-We are overwhelmed by the response that the internet has given to a video of my pet, and I will keep you all updated about his next venture.

-Thank you for making me turn into a better version of myself and for letting me know what true love feels like.

-All that matters at the end of the day is the love that gets reciprocated from the hearts of the people.

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