List of 22+ Best Jumbo King Brand Slogans

Based in Mumbai and started in 2001, Jumbo King is a reputed chain of restaurants specializing in Marathi dishes, fast foods, and delicacies. Inspired by the phenomenal success of McDonald’s and the Burger King, the chain has almost branded Vada Pav, a lip-smacking Marathi snack.

Jumbo King Brand Slogans

Kyunki dil hai desi

I  am Mumbai

For people going places

I am the real Mumbai

I am Jumboking

I am the charm of Mumbai

On the Go

I am the spirit of Mumbai

I am the smile of Mumbai

Better value burger

Always loved it

Taste ka, health ka, flavour ka,

I am the recipe of Mumbai

India’s largest selling Vada Pav

Go local Buy local Eat local

The PM wants you to eat more JK

Be vocal about local

The burger of India

Different tastes one India

Dine at home with JK

100% Touch-free

Be your own king — get a Jumbo King franchisee

Jisme hai DUM 

Mumbai ka taste

Always loved it

Dil to pagal hoga hi!

Introducing double-decker JK


Can you describe me in one word

All is welllll!

India ka taste

Office colleagues coming over? JK of the day

Spirit on the go

The loudest burger ever — big crunch JK

The CRUNCHIE burger in town

6 pm – time for a vada pav

Chalo JK khaakey nikaltey hain

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