25+ Best Jordan Slogans

The shoe brand owned by Nike, Jordan, is specifically used by basketball players, athletes, and young people who love to don casual sportswear. Nike launched the brand in the USA after basketball player Michel Jordan. The brand has forayed into clothing too.

Jordan Shoes Brand Slogans

Why drive when you can fly

Wing it

The ultimate quick fix

Gotta be the shoes

The science of MJ is in the sole

Welcome to Sunny Portland – need some shoes

The shoe works if you do

Rise to the occasion

Anti-gravity machines

Who said man was not meant to fly

The best on earth

Taking flight


Where do you stand

The best to play the game

What’s up Jack

Its gotta be da shoes

Air Jordon since 1984

Time machine for sale

Keep calm and like Jordan shoes

 Much respect to the game

Your sneakers be your life

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