205+ Catchy Jack-o-lantern Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Jack-o-lantern….the charm and the most famous and well-known Halloween prop that almost everyone all across the world is familiar with. These carved pumpkins scream Halloween like nothing else in the world. Here are some captions inspired by jack-o-lantern, which are sure to bring your social media posts some Halloween goodness. 

Halloween Jack-o-lantern Captions for Instagram

Happy hollow-ween from Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin.

I got a full scoop of this pumpkin, going after that Jack-o-lantern.

The little pumpkins called the crossing gourd so that they could cross over to the other side safely.

You look so gourdgeous, my sweet pumpkin. #look

I can only recommend that you use a pumpkin patch to get rid of your pumpkin spice addiction.

This Jack-o-lantern is well lit up.

Boo-yah!. That’s one ghoul I seriously love.

What do you call a pumpkin who loves hollow jokes? They call him Joke-o-lantern. #hollow

Jack’s got it, and he will truly haunt it.

Witch, please? The large one or the small one?

Stop witching about how good Jack-o-lantern looks.

Can’t you have one of your Jack-o-lanterns get me more BOOs? #jackolantern

We use pumpkin spice oil for our autumn mobile.

Bow down to my light s-witches.

Oh, my gourd! Is it howl-oween already?

I just cannot understand why Jack-o-lanterns love the movie Pulp Fiction. #pulp

You will always be my boo, jack.

This pumpkin is scary. It is scarier when it is lit up.

That Jack-o-lantern is simply boo-tiful.

This one came as a gift from the world’s most ok pumpkin carver, a Mr. J O’Lantern. #gift

Stop gloating at your creation.

Let’s just enjoy carving up these Jack-o-lanterns.

You are simply gourd-geous.

Carved pumpkins all lit up is a sight I love on Halloween. #carved

This is truly a hollow-ween that jack will enjoy most.

That Jack-o-lantern carved itself out.

Dear gourd! I never thought I would find you all lit up here.

I’m carving a pumpkin with my best witches. #witches

Come and light up this Jack-o-lantern.

Jack-o-lantern: it’s only Halloween inside my head.

You just cannot find any gut in me.

Boo-ray for howl-oween. Give thanks and eat pie under that Jack-o-lantern. #eat

I am seriously hollow inside.

I only have pies for this pumpkin and lanterns for Jack.

Just lighten up and light up those Jack-o-lanterns.

There are a lot of things being lit up here. #litup

Jack-o-lantern couldn’t propose to the pumpkin he loved. He just didn’t have the guts.

What a handsome Jack-o-lantern you have there.

My gourd, aren’t you really beautiful pumpkin.

Jack has a pretty gourd pun on pumpkins. #pun

Life is gourd and truly grate for Jack. Especially at the Halloween pumpkin carving contest.

Welcome. This is our patch. Enjoy your Halloween here.

Come Jack-o-lantern. Let’s patch you with some pumpkin.

Magic rises on Halloween nights when Jack-o-lanterns throw their gleaming lights. #magic

Pun-kin patch for my favorite Jack-o-lantern.

Could we have more of those pumpkin spice ghouls, please?

My gourd! It’s falling already. #gourd

I just cannot seem to understand why all my Jack-o-lanterns must erupt in flames every Halloween.

Mend a Jack-o-lantern with a pumpkin patch.

I need that Jack-o-lantern to shed more light.

I love the smashing Jack-o-lantern and the pumpkins.

May Halloween be blessed and pumpkin-obsessed. #halloween

That Jack-o-lantern is a great life gourd at the Halloween party.

Oh my God. You are so jacked.

Jack-o-lanterns, and pumpkin spice; Lots of treats, and everything nice.

What happens when you drop that Jack-o-lantern? Squash, of course. #squash

I always fall for the Jack-o-lantern on Halloween.

Enlightening that pumpkin on Halloween night.

I smell autumn in the pumpkin breeze.

Let’s give them a big pumpkin to talk about. #talk

We have jack as the Jack-o-lantern, and also as the jumpin’ jack flash.

Pie love spending time at the Jack-o-lantern.

The cutest pumpkins in the patch.

I only have pies for you this Halloween. And that Jack-o-lantern that I carved out for you. #pies

I am here for everything, pumpkin. Nothing else will do.

Feast your eyes on this slice. It came from that Jack-o-lantern there.

Funny Halloween Jack-o-lantern Captions

Let’s carve out some special time with friends. And make pies. And light up the Jack-o-lanterns.

Come on, and let’s cut them all out and hang ’em, high mates. #cut

You are the pumpkin to my spice, said Jack-o-lantern trying to be nice.

Jack-o-lantern was really sad and hollow inside.

This pumpkin is lit and has just become another Jack-o-lantern.

Howl are you all doing, asked the Jack-o-lantern. #jackolantern

Piece out, and let me hang you up.

After Jack-o-lantern was lit and dinner was over, my pumpkin wished everyone good-pie.

I have never met any pumpkin with who I didn’t blend.

That wickedly cute smile you throw at us is so lovely. #wicked

This Jack-o-lantern’s just patching up.

That Jack-o-lantern totally squashed the contest with his light.

It’s been a lantern since we met.

Your little pumpkins are too cute to spook. #spook

Pump up, get off your gourd, and get ready to squash the competition.

See how it throws live shadows across the room.

You will find only treats here – and pumpkin carving. #carving

I love to light you up in the evening.

Make it all about Halloween treats, autumn leaves, and pumpkins, please.

That lantern said ‘trick or treat yo’self’.

There aren’t any tricks here. Only treats. All pumpkin treats. #trests

We are hanging the lanterns to spice things up a bit.

More pumpkin treats if you please.

Pumpkin spice, that Jack-o-lantern’s really nice.

Hey jack, I am actually here for some Boos. #boos

The only place you get to see a pumpkin get carved out into a jack-0-lantern.

Creeping my Jack-o-lantern as real as possible.

Jack and pumpkin, just spice and chill.

Eat pumpkin pies. Drink pumpkin juice. Be scary like Jack-o-lantern. #pumpkin

Carving this pumpkin, so it shines bright on Halloween night.

I really do have a pumpkin to do.

My pumpkins love to wish you a very happy Halloween.

Jack has given them pumpkins to talk about. #jack

Pumpkin spice is what my blood type is.

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