List of 40+ Best ITC Brand Slogans

One of India’s biggest multinational conglomerate ITC was formally launched in 1910 as Imperial Tobacco company with head office at Kolkata. The name ITC was christened a few years back making it a part of the Forbes 2000 list. Apart from cigarettes, it is into various other consumer sectors. 

ITC Brand Slogans

Discover a passion

Where quality touches infinity

Your essence your soul

Made for each other

If it is on your hearts it’s on the cards

Ultra-slim matchbox

Ensuring purity in prayer

Inspiring young minds

Beautiful you today tomorrow

Filter and tobacco perfectly matched

Feast for the senses

One that gives power to win

Kuch bhi karega for Candyman

No confusion great combination

If you are beautiful the world is at your feet

Itis dazzling digital world

The glory of our land finds its perfect ode

Sab saath badhein

0% maida 100% atta

100 inspiring years

Togetherness solitude

A new emblem a new era

Check into the city

You me engage

Enduring value

Aisi taazgi ki saans ban jaye —hhh

Absolutey tasty absolutely safe

Exotic naturals effective science

# conversationwith God

Tastes so hot can cause fire

Beautiful you today tomorrow

It’s long non-sticky and tasty, it’s better, no?

Skin lives proteins 

Gentle effective care

India’s first gel bar with gold

Moisturisation that runs deep

Lift your dil a little extra 

Get the #magic of gel today

Peachy benefits

Chaskey Punjab de

Savour the flavours of North-West India

Soft tangle-free hair 95% agree

Because you are one of a kind

Discover total care to get butter-soft skin

Vivel – satin-soft skin

Why soap when you can body wash

Luxury crème with olive butter

Light khao light raho

Creating enduring value

Baarah mahiney hariyali

Choupal sagar – zarooratey anek jagah ek

ITC E Choupal  — Kisano ke hit mein kisano ka apnaa

Enterprise of tomorrow

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