100+ Catchy Insect Repellent Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

To post anything on social media, a social media caption is extremely important, even when it is for an insect repellent. Insect repellents are quite important as they keep us free from various diseases also. These captions on insect repellents will prove a tardy arsenal in your insect repellent products becoming popular across social media. See the steady increase in your likes and followers, too.

Insect Repellent Captions for Facebook

We bring a smile to your face and take away the pests from your lives. #pest

Say goodbye to pests. Say hi to us.

No pest can hide from us. We do find them and finish them for good.

We protect and take care of your homes. #protect

We make sure that you have a germ-free, pest-free life.

Insect removal couldn’t get better than this. #insect

Keeping your house pest-free and beautiful always.

No hard chemicals in our repellents. #repellents

Live free of all pests. Live a better life.

This pest repellent not only removes pests but keeps the new ones at bay. #insectrepellent

We are the best at removing all pests. So count on us.

Love the beautiful smells. #love

We are the most recommended, not for nothing.

We never let you down when keeping your homes free of all insects. #home

Absolute protection from insects is what we offer you.

No risk to children. All ingredients are organic. #organic

Giving you the safest possible life we can think of.

A repellent that will stay with you for life.

Best quality at the best price. #quality

The repellent that smells the best all day and all night. #repellent

Insect Repellent Captions for Instagram

We are licensed to kill all kinds of house pests and let you live happily ever after.

We are the best controllers of pests of all kinds. #pests

We guard your homes against all flies and bugs.

We repel all the small things that wish to harm you. #you

Our repellents come in natural fragrances. #natural

All our repellents are organic. No toxics.

We are here to keep your family safe and sound always.

The repellent brand you can safely make your family’s friend. #friendship

The no-insect zone is what your property will showcase.

The 24-hour protector you can count on for healthy living. #healthyliving

All our repellents are composed aesthetically.

One spray stays for at least 3 days. #spray

Anyone in the real estate trade always recommends our repellents.

Bugs and mosquitos, roaches, and flies; we make sure that each one dies. #insects

Make us your friends for life and see the beautiful life we let you live.

Nature’s purity now in our repellents.

Now you won’t ever worry again. We are here to make the bugs worry for their lives. #dontworry

Feel the visible change in your homes. #feel

Simply a repellent that removes germs and your worries for good.

Just a few drops in the corners and all the insects are gone in a jiffy. #insects

Insect Repellent Captions for Twitter

We kill all the bugs that bug you.

We have made a solemn oath to keep you pest-free at all times.

Guarding you against the most troublesome factors – pests. #guard

Warding off pests successfully for 75 years.

We remove all insects from your spaces magically. #magic

All fragrances of nature give your homes that extra edge.

Fall in love with the beautiful smells of our repellents. #smells

The repellent that is your friend, and an enemy to pests.

We prove what we promise you. Live an insect-free life.

Live peacefully. Live blissfully. Live respectably. #live

No more pestilence in your homes. Guaranteed. #homes

The best is only for you.

A must-have in every house. #house

The complete solution from insects.

You and your home. We and our repellents. The perfect combination for a perfect life. #perfectlife

Feel a visible change in your house.

The repellent that you can use daily. #repellent

We bring you the best because we believe you deserve it. #best

Use these repellents and feel the difference in your living.

So many fragrances to choose from. So many sizes. #fragrance

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