250+ Catchy Innerwear Brand Name Ideas

Several brands have flourished in the market. Consumers nowadays seek comfort in every product of the market. One needs to select his or her brand name in such a way that the name assures a high level of alleviation to all categories of customers.

To get through an appropriate brand name for your brand, you need to plan a proper and well-defined strategy. This article spans around some mind-blowing schemes for selecting a proper brand name.

What are things to be remembered while choosing a proper brand name?

  • The name must fetch the real meaning of the business
  • The name must be attractive and unique
  • The name must provide relevance about the quality of the product
  • Customers should be capable of pronouncing names easily

The importance of name for an innerwear brand

Will never break your spirit

Choose names that will let your spirit up all the time. Go for names that will always lift your enthusiasm and zeal to excel in the business. That will also motivate customers to buy products from your brand.

Will be short and easy to pronounce

Do not go for names that are very much inconvenient and tooth-breaking difficult to pronounce because that will repel a lot of customers from different categories. Tough names with hard pronunciations are a big no for brand names. People always love names that are easy to pronounce.

Avoid complicated spellings

Select brand names with simple and uncomplicated spellings so that it becomes a layman’s job to search for the name efficiently over the name and a lot of consumers can connect to the brand through these convenient and easy names with trouble-free spellings. Brand names with difficult spellings can do negative publicity.

Tips to choose the best names for your Innerwear brand

Restrict plagiarism

Avoid copying brand names from the contemporary brands so that you retain the originality in your brand and can convince a large number about the authenticity

Example- Comfy

Convey the inner motto of the brand

Choose names that would be able to show the actual purpose of the brand so that a large number of consumers get convinced with your brand’s honesty.

Example- Cloudy pads

Describe product details

The names must be very much expressive about the quality and authenticity of the products.

Example- Heal wheel

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your innerwear brand

One must have a lot of perseverance for choosing a perfect brand name for his brand. Here are some wonderful formulas to get through the right brand name

Take the advantage of the texture

Using the texture to provide the brand name is a really good idea

Example- Softline

Use the feel

Using the feelings and comfort of the customers as a brand name will sound like the most authentic one

Example- Soothing

Use the material

Revealing the material used in the form of a brand name can win over the trust of the customers

Example- Cottony cloud

Take the help of humor

Humorous brand names have always been welcomed by all kinds of customers

Example- cuddly coo

Take advantage of personification

Personifying names can give new dimensions to the brand

Example- Bear  hug

Use numerals

Numbers give the right clarity to the brand names

Example- 24 softy

Apply Alliterations

Alliterations produce a new feat of amusement among the customers

Example- Super sober

Use Archaic words

Archaic words give a different level of class to the brand names


Use organic materials

Using organic materials to give the brand name gives out the essence of goodness among the customers

Example- Silver leaves

Take the advantage of the intentional misspellings

Misspellings that are being done intentionally create a funny kind of brand name loved and approved by all kinds of customers.

Example- Dezire

Already existing innerwear brand names

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Jockey
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Clovia
  • Vassarette
  • Vedette
  • Vanity Fair
  • Enamor
  • Adore me
  • Bali

Unique Innerwear Brand name ideas







ThinK Pink

Perfect Wear

Miss Feisty

Fabulous Skims 


Bright Queen


Downy Lace






Comfy Satin

Flabby Touch





Simple Supple 

Miss burly


Feel Slack

Hot and Strong



Sexy Baggy

Adore Moment 


Think Thin

Trendy Lingerie



Peculiar Pink 



Feel Attitude 

Lofty Spin

High Petals

Exalted Fit

Kinky mama

Dark Beauty 




Blue Scarlet

Silk Sultry



Secret Wear 



Feel Smokey 

Ebony and Ivory

Yellow Fellow 

Cozy Touch

Purple Diva

Curvy Girl 

Gossamer Wear

Sleazy Bras

Fine Lady


Brazilian Beige

Be Backless

Fashionable Thong

Summer Belle


Gray Line

Dark Magic 

Pretty Betty

Ms.  Bustier



Lanky Padded

Love Lathy  


Piggish Pink

Exotic Girl 




High Glamorous


Elegant Green

Fit Me


Fringed Fold

Feel Protective





Perfect Era


Lavishing Lingerie

Miss Perfect

Pale Red


Frequently asked questions

Does my innerwear brand name need to have a deeper meaning?

Not always. You can choose any random name but it must be catchy and unique.

Does my innerwear brand name need to be timeless?

Yes. Timeless brand names are loved and remembered by almost all kinds of customers. It gives them the vibes of newness

Can copied innerwear brand names be conflicting?

Well, if you go for plagiarism it will be the best option to create negative publicity. You can instead take references from other brands

Can my innerwear brand be short and simple?

Yes, of course. Short and simple brand names are always liked and appreciated by customers.

One must have a lot of endurance, patience, and devotion while searching for a suitable brand name for his brand. One must not leave all hopes and desires if it takes longer to get a perfect name. One must follow the proper steps and will succeed in getting a worthy brand name.

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