List of 18+ Best Infosys Brand Slogans

Founded in 1981 at Bangalore by some of the stalwarts of the IT industry in India, including Mr. N R Narayanamurthy and Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Infosys started off in Pune and relocated itself at Bangalore in 1983.

Infosys is a pioneer in the IT industry both nationally and globally.

Infosys Brand Slogans

Powered by intellect driven by values

Navigate your next

Advantage data

Game set inside

Building tomorrow’s enterprise

The future is built by the restless

Win in the flat world. Think flat.

Being Resilient. That’s Live enterprise

Digital love, love digital

Live enterprises

Powered by intellect driven by values

Virtual reality experience

Serving the perfect information cocktail

Changing mindset — the first 25 years

Restart with Infosys

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