List of 15+ Best Imperial Blue Brand Slogans

Launched in 1997 by Pernod Ricard the brand is known as Seagram’s Imperial Blue, a well-known brand of Indian made whiskey. Since the time of its launch, the sales volume has increased by leaps and bounds. The brand has been the official sponsor of the 2012 Hockey Cup.

Imperial Blue Brand Slogans

Men will be men

Mila TV pe aane ka mauka to halla to banta hai

It’s time to be you

India Thumakada

Rock on

Grain nahin to whiskey nahin

This Holi blue will separate the men from boys

Enjoy the new blue

Go Goa let’s cheer for our superhit team

Rock and lol

100% grain spirit blended with imported Scotch malts

Embrace the festive spirit with Imperial Blue

Nayi girlfriend   — ek toh bantaa   hai

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