100+ Catchy Hummus Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

With the rising craving for social media presence today, one needs some amazing captions to surge engagement by folds. Social media captions are a crucial part of boosting your social media game.

Hummus is a great dip made with garlic, lemon juice, and ground roasted sesame seeds (or tahini) blended into mashed and cooked chickpeas.

Let’s dig into some crazy cool captions!

Hummus Captions for Instagram

Truly astonishing what we offer. #astonishing

Give in to your desires. Make your life the most desirable.

Every Middle Eastern delight is available with us.

The dip that will tingle your imagination. #dips

No word can describe the satisfaction you will get from eating here. try the hummus, too.

Enjoy your shawarmas with these dips and spreads.

An opportunity you should always take up. #opportunity

Perfection is achieved only when your belly and heart are both satisfied, but your brain wants more.

The happiest place is where we get our hummus well done.

Truly for the connoisseurs only. #connoisseurs

Seemingly easy to make. Reality is different.

Hit on me and see what you get for sure.

Picture perfect hummus for the picture-perfect spread.

This is a globally accepted add-on. #global

You will only fall in love with every bite, every dip.

An eatery trusted for the quality served here.

And you always thought dips are a strain on the body.

We ensure you get good vibes from our hummus.

A dip that will enhance the taste. #enhancedtaste

Our name itself speaks a thousand words.

Cannot stop at just one. Try and see for yourself.

Good with burgers as well. And the rolls. And – almost everything else as well. #greattaste

Finger licking grand spreads. And also the dips and varieties of hummus.

Our specialty is in unique offerings. #unique

We are at the top, not for nothing.

The best fusion food is here. #fusion

Where east and west meet, there you will find us.

Delicious and delightful food only from us. #delicious

Scrumptious meals are made more enjoyable with our range of hummus.

 A fantastic fantasy world is what you feel with those dips in your mouth.

Your heart, tummy, and tongue desire it. Have it. #tummytreat

We can guarantee that no one can be satisfied with only one.

Only authentic and original savories from us.

The goodness of mashed chickpeas and garlic. #chickpeas

A fantastic spread to go with your bread.

Just feel it melt in your mouth.

We have oriental and western varieties as well. #variety

Only natural ingredients are used to make our hummus.

The best hummus is always from us only.

The happiest item is the hummus that we have.

Love the hummus? Try the other varieties too. #hummus

The sure shot delicacy to offer your guests.

People from far and wide come to taste these.

The best add-on for the best taste. #best 

Even the elite come here to be pleasantly surprised.

Carpe diem is the only term to describe our hummus.

Get satisfied, and desire to have more of our hummus.

The joint to be at any day, any time. #evergreen

Words don’t do us justice. Referring us to everyone proves that you love us.

Why not try these and then decide for yourself.

Your fries will taste far better with these dips. #enhacned

Try it once and then try not to come ever again. 

We give special attention to every detail.

The aroma will take your breath away. #aroma

Food that is more like music to the taste buds.

The feelings of sensuous food.

Come in and let us spoil you for choice. #spoilt

Funny Hummus Captions

So eastern, so lovely, so gorgeous. Just a dip.

Lick it as you get it. #lickit

The tongue twister that will leave you craving for more.

The spread that will take you places.

Surprise your friends with a treat here.

The hummus of the decade is from our kitchen.

Lip-smacking cool food. #lipsmacking

The varieties of hummus are what we are famous for.

Our hummus speaks a million words.

Come to us if you want to experience original, authentic hummus.

No difference of opinion. 100% of customers love it. #uniquetaste

The food that will make you crave for more.

Naturally fresh. Purely delicious. Totally stunning.

Try these with various dishes. #wow

Stupendous and fantastic. Tasty and delightful.

Why has anything for more when you can get the best for less?

Soft on your taste buds. Soft on your wallet.

Show us your love. Order our hummus. #hummus

The hummus will keep you interested always.

Never feel let down. Visit us each time. #alwayssatisfied

If you love us, please recommend us. #loveus

The gastronome’s absolute den.

We never settle for anything less than unique.

Seemingly low profile. Enter and be astonished. #lowprofile

Many foods with which these dips go well.

Good food. Good music. Good service. Good condiments. Best dips and spreads.

Delicacies are more delectable when you have them with our hummus. #delicous

 You are the one who makes our spreads, dips, savories, and hummus look the best.

Flood yourself with the most sought dips and spreads.

Your satisfaction is our only priority. #priority

There is no perfect time to eat healthy.

Because everything needs something to lean on. 😉

No meal is complete without hummus. #hummus

Everyone loves it. It is true.

Amazing meals all day long.

A true taste of the middle-east.

Trick or treat? You never know, it’s so good. #treat

You will feel on top of the world with hummus.

Treating yourself is one of the best things that you can do. 

Dive into some hummus, baby!

There are two types of people in life – hummus-lovers and the rest!

The best-tasting dips that Zeus loves too. #zeusfavorite

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