200+ Catchy Hug Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

A hug will be the best way to depict your emotions to your near and dear ones. It is wonderful to receive hugs from people, particularly during Christmas, and this will help to uplift our disposition instantly. Sharing photographs of hugs will be given better. Here is a list of some astounding hug captions for you.

Hug Captions for Instagram

Nothing can prevent me from hugging you this Christmas. #prevent

A hug is enough to make me feel happy. #happy

A hug is something when two hearts are wrapped in arms. #hearts

Provide me with a hug when I am down. #down

Your hug is my best medicine. #medicine

It will be a good idea to hug you this Christmas. #christmas

My hug is one of my treasures. #treasures

Make use of your heart when hugging somebody you love. #heart

I simply need a hug and not therapy. #therapy

I cannot describe my feelings while hugging. #feelings

Not all hugs are provided for free. #free

A hug will not allow you to pay your bills. #paybills

Hold me tightly while hugging. #holdtightly

A hug is the most effective way to make me feel that I am loved. #effective

Be a good guy and hug me. #good

Although you have separated, a hug will help to narrow your gap. #separate

My friend wants me to hug him all the time. #friend

Stand by my side and hug me. #stand

Many days have passed since I hugged you last. #days

Being taller, you hug me first. #taller

Please hug me tighter than before. #tighter

The best medicine in this world is perhaps a hug. #medicine

A hug is the most expensive gift I expect from you. #expensive

Hug somebody with a smile on your face. #smile

Perhaps this is the best time of the year to hug you. #besttime

Do not hug your enemy in the open. #enemy

It is my pleasure to hug you. #pleasure

A hug is sufficient to restore a broken relationship. #relationship

I can hug you better because I am taller than you. #taller

I persevered a lot to get these hugs. #persevere

I cannot wait anymore to hug you. #anymore

I get peace of mind by hugging you. #peace

I simply want to hug you right now. #rightnow

I dream of receiving a hug from you. #dream 

It is time for both of us to hug each other. #bothofus

Hugging is good for both of us. #good

Getting a hug in the morning will brighten my day. #brighten

Hugging somebody is the best thing I can think of. #bestthing

A close hug can speak a thousand words. #thousand

Please do not hug me all the time. #, please

A hug would be the best way to show I care for you. #bestway

Try to be affectionate while hugging somebody. #affectionate

A hug allows me to feel elated throughout the day. #elated

Every hug will not be given to you for free. #free

Hugging is loving somebody without saying anything. #telling

Hug me tightly to the best of your abilities. #tight

Hug me and be somebody who loves me. #somebody

I want to become an octopus and hug people. #octopus

A hug is similar to a boomerang. #boomerang

A hug is the best thing I can give you. #best

I do not want to spoil my time hugging you. #spoiltime

It’s time for me to hug you this Christmas. #christmas

Hugging is something I can do all day. #hugging

A hug helps to bring two souls to come near each other. #souls

Hug me from the bottom of your heart. #heart

Hug me tightly so that you break all my bones. #bones

An affectionate hug will help to change your metabolism significantly. #metabolism

Hugging will allow me to show people that I love them. #hugging

Never allow a bear to hug you. #bear

Do not hug any woman too tightly. #woman

Hugs happen to be the best form of medication. #medication

Hug me once in the morning and once at night. #morningnight

My mom taught me how to hug people affectionately. #affectionate

An affectionate hug has more power than a thousand words. #words

Hugs are quite beneficial for the children. #children

Hugs are meant to depict our love for each other. #depictlove

My favorite thing would be to hug people this Christmas. #christmas

Whenever both of us hug each other, I feel great. #great

An octopus can hug anybody he likes using his tentacles. #tentacles

Your hug is the best thing I need this Christmas. #bestthing

Whenever you feel down, I will hug you to uplift your spirits. #uplift

It is difficult to say how long my hug will last. #last

A hug is much better than a drug. #drug

When everything appears to be bleak, a hug is something that can uplift the spirits. #uplift

Funny Hug Captions

Hugging you is the best thing I can do in my life. #hugging

Don’t hug me now because I am busy. #busy

Do not hit somebody while hugging them. #hugging

My mom hugged me a lot when I was young. #young

I hug all people who actually require it. #people

In case you do not have anybody to hug, hug your teddy bears. #teddybears

I hope you hug me this Christmas. #christmas

Laughter, just like a hug, is the best medicine.

The last thing I need is a bear to hug me. #need

All hugs should be affectionate and not harsh. #affection

Try to hug me from the core of your heart. #heart

A flower sans smell is like a hug sans kiss. #flower

Some difficult times can be cured by an affectionate hug. #affectionate

Try to hug me as long as you can. #hugme

A hug is one of the best things in this world. #bestthings

Whenever somebody is in agony, hug him as long as you can. #agony

Try to offer hugs instead of drugs. #drugs

Hugging somebody when he is down is a good thing. #somebodydown

Life becomes easier when you hug me every day. #easier

Heal the world by hugging people. #people

Hugging a child is the best thing I can think of. #bestthing

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